Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Snippet of Mod Gypsy Blitz

The mod gypsy blitz photo shoot was a success and I can't wait to share all of the fun that was had that night. I did several different sets underneath an amazing walnut tree that is registered on Missouri's historic tree registry.
This tent shot was taken the following morning after the shoot. It's a German 15th century tent that was hand-sewn over a period of six months by an interesting couple who wanted to test or gauge their compatibility factor before marriage. They are a happily married couple fifteen years later.

They were very gracious in sharing their stories and their beautiful historic property with us.

Last night I found a dress from Emersonmade that would've been perfect for the photo shoot (After-the-fact Drats!). Emersonmade is homemade happiness mixed with clever stylizing + a posy a day.

amazing inspirational snippets from the following:
Thoughtfulday goodie bags from Sunday-Suppers. Interior shot by Saipua.

I'll be posting some costume/children snaps a bit later!

Good day!!
x's and o'sies,


cassandra @ coco+kelley said...

i had never heard of emersonmade and now im wondering where the hell i've been!?!? thank you for the introduction! and i cannot WAIT to see the shoot. that tent is over the top fantastic.

Paige Appel said...

i need that tent now! love it.

A Lifestyle Thing said...

Thanks gals! I'm glad you like the tent...and I have seen these emersonmade posies on several other blogs, but had never seen her suh-weet little blog until last night!

Philip said...

Sharon, that dress is simply divine - and the tent...Where are my merry men when I need them?

Seriously, I haven't looked enough at your blog. You really do some incredible work. Talented sisters all around me. The boys just didn't get it!

A Lifestyle Thing said...

philip, thanks. I'll be posting the bros work on here too. Can't wait to see the sketches you create from Nice (Is that how you spell it?)!!

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