Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Shade Under a Walnut Tree

Happy Wednesday!  Because it's so hot out, and because I enjoy treating myself and this little human inside J, I've stocked up on popsicles, lemonade, and, ice.  I picked some fresh mint from Will's mom's house this morning to put in the lemonade for the KY3 tv entertaining segment I had today.  It smelled so good.

Summertime is my favorite.  It is about being a kid at heart and catching fireflies, drippy popsicles, lemonade stands, inch by inch garden growing, portable radios in a field, golden night skies,  tree-climbing, patio umbrellas, zinnias, roller skating in the driveway, backyard picnics, tee-pee building, rock collecting, creek floats, blowing electric fans, charades, outdoor parties, mean croquet matches, country drives, badmitton.

Our yard has a towering walnut tree that shades our whole back yard.  The stock tank is going to be filled today and I plan on dunking in it for a bit this evening with my Sylvie after a big day at Boca Mocha cafe.  The cafe opens day after tomorrow and we're in the midst of crazy faze of everything going wrong that could possibly go wrong.  It will all get ironed out though.

I'm giddy for the owners.

Don't forget the soiree tomorrow night! It's getting all fluffed at the store today and tomorrow.  Smiles and Summertime Shade to you today!


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