Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Boca Mocha Rendering #1+ FOUND Things

Hi All!  I took a little leave of absence from blogville.  Sorry.  Last week was unusually crazy.  Here's a long post.  If this drains you, just realize you can be fueled back up with Boca Mocha from Haiti, here in a few days or two.  

Follow me on twitter, ST_Designs, you'll see that I was busy working on four different photo shoots with @Nathaliebearden {photog/friend who is now moving to Houston, Texas shortly}last week.

Nathalie and I have worked together and clicked so well since last summer. I'm pretty sad that our future jaunts are being cut short, just as we were  forming a good friendship and biz-lady-mom-bonding.  So, to say the least, these have been #bittersweet photo-shoots.  Interiors and Party-Scapes.  One more to go that is going to be so sweet and all Nathalie inspired.  Houston is lucky.

Boca Mocha Project Update:  Here's a rough draft rendering that my wonderful intern,  Danielle, and I have been working on.  Still not sure whether to paint the awkward cabinetry above the countertops.  Any thoughts?  We're two weeks out from deadline, and still have not been awe-struck with lighting/uber cool chandeliers out there.  I'm designing something to be custom made out of coffee bean burlap sacs.  We'll see how goes...

Boca Mocha
In other news, the fam and I went up to St. Louis to see my Louis compete in the State Cup soccer games. We saw the second of his team's game-winning streak, had a mini-mini-vacay, made some work phone calls, kissed Louis good-bye + good-luck to more games, drove home for a "good-to-go" ultra sound, and just now got word that his team won quarter finals!  SO, now I'm heading back up to St. Louis tonight, completely empty-pocketed after hotels, gas, and food, to see the semi-finals game tomorrow. I don't want to miss these next few games. 

I left St. Louis with an awe-inspired appreciation of FOUND style, architectural wander, industrial-wander genius ideas. The City Museum.   The City Museum was incredible.  It's one of the top ten places for family fun in the world.  All genius envisioned by one guy.  Bob Cassilly.  With all it's gears and fancied up junk, I'm in high gear for Boca Mocha project.

Industrial Rack on Wheels {to sell coffee and coffee stuff} Found for $50
FOUND these Hefty-Backed Horses for $10 each

I'm thinking white lacquer on the wood, white vinyl seating, nickel finished tacks all along the edging, and they'll look like million dollar chairs.  Contemplating leaving the back side that's black leather and stenciling on a bold letter to spell out B.O.C.A....

FOUND:  for $12 bucks
We'll use this for either wall art or a fun/funked out light fixture.  The tag said this was yard art.  I think it more like upscale wheelin' and dealin' art work.  Gold spray paint will glam it.

Remember these?
Pizza Hut Ponies
My Little Pony

One of the Boca Mocha owners, Rachel, decided she'd hand-paint chevron stripes on some canvas after we couldn't find an inexpensive fabric that we liked.  A girl after my own heart.  Mom + DIY-er with good tastey ideas.  She has 79 more of these pony seats to go...using an additional weather resistant urethane to protect them from food and coffee spills.  Each one will be different patterned too.  Any suggestions on a graphic stencil that might make it go quicker?  Oh, and luckily, we sourced the best painter that will sand, paint, and re-seat each chair for only $5 a pop!  

This project is turning into mostly all up-cycles, and we didn't even intend for it to be fully so, it was just found that any new furniture we wanted to order, would take six to eight weeks for shipping and delivery.  And the clock was ticking under six weeks when I took this boca.‘km 

I just sent off these double sided monstrosities to be upholstered by one of the three upholsterers we have on the project. 

In the meantime, to fluff up some historic proportions of junk, I fell in love with this room's curtains.  I'd love to do a sweeping 18ft drape at the back of the store.  Just for some good ol' Scarlett O'Hara drama.  You know, I love that Scarlett was a grassroots DIY girl herself.  
A little Boho
Lastly, for today, but not least, I sourced a hanging chair {sorta like this one} from a friend who found one for the shop in KC.  Rachel, the shop owner showed me this one from Anthro, and I thought it perfect to hang from the lofty knook.



Latrice said...

Like Like Like everything about this blog. Really fun stuff!

A Lifestyle Thing said...

Thank you Latrice! You are too sweet!! Hope all is well with you and your clan.

Lyndall said...

It's going to look so amazing when it's done! What a fun project :)

cailen ascher said...

those $10 chairs you found are totally awesome. jealous!

cute blog - i'm your newest follower.

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