Thursday, June 23, 2011

Bocha Mocha Progress

Remember the Pizza Hut-looking cubby booths + chairs I showed you at Boca Mocha?  The whole space was covered in dreadfully awful booths and cheap chairs.

At first I wanted to obliterate most all of the booths.  They were BAD.  I can't think of a person that would want to sit on those grimy, stick-to-your-thigh-skin booths in the summer {winter, spring, fall for that little matter}.  Not to mention the snag-cloth {polyester backing}. There was just not one ounce of ambiance to be had with all those booths and awful chairs.

Design is tricky though.  You have budgets and you also owe it to the earth to at least think about how to not make it suffer heaps and heaps more with piles of grody, old, used commercial furniture. So, my first question in designing were and continue to be:  How do we save costs, earth mama, and not sacrifice style?

Using what we had, I decided to cut the short backs off of the booth benches and separate them so that the cubbies were not facing each other. I had all the seats reupholstered in a warm grey, had some high-back tufted boards assembled, and made it all go flat against the wall.  Placing the tufted backs out, gave the room a softer, more elegant feel.  I kinda like it.  What do you think?

This image above is before installation.  The tufted backs are actually taller now that they are installed.

                                         Here's a close up of what the booths looked like before.

I'll be back with more.  There's been a lot of bustle going on at the shop, and with projects.  I hope you'll stop in next week for a summer soiree at the shop.  I'll post the invite soon.

Have a lovely, sunshine day.



moody girl said...

It's fun following your progress. I live right down the street from this place so can't wait for it to open. The bench looks FABULOUS! And glad you kept it. When I'm out with family we always pick a table that is part benches/part chairs to suit everyone.

adie said...

YES!!!I cannot wait to see everything pulled together! I love when you reinvent a space:)

A Lifestyle Thing said...

Thank you Moody! I'm sure you will love Boca Mocha. It is going to be a great little place to eat and drink. Hope to meet you sometime! Stop by my shop and say hello!


A Lifestyle Thing said...

Sweet Adie! Thanks so much. We'll have to go get coffee there and have biz-lady talk. xoxo

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