Friday, July 1, 2011

Relief to The Abused

Front Side of Relief Effort.  Back Side still unfinished and waiting for brushed nickel tacks.

Remember these chairs?  I got these from a place called STD's.  Of course, I WOULD be attracted to a place with a name like that.  Funny little thing... after I licensed my business name a few years ago, I realized the initials of Sharon Taylor Designs actually match up with this place.  Probly a good indicator for why I fall for and want to rescue things that are abused, germy, bruised and overlooked.

These chairs had mouse droppings caked into the the crevices of all the seats.  No worries, they have been relieved, disinfected and stripped to the wood.  I did not touch them!  Only purchased them.

What are you all doing for the fourth?  We're making it a stay-cation in our back yard.  I want to see the fireworks at Hammons Field.  Glad there is something going on in town.  Don't forget Boca Mocha Opening.  Let me know what you think of it.  I'm pretty proud of it.  Also, happy that I worked with amazing owners who had great input, ideas, and trust.  Thanks Trimbles and Kellys~!



Naomi said...

*Gasp* Those are so beautiful! White is so elegant, I love them!

Kathryn said...

Love the improvements! Gosh, I want those chairs.

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