Thursday, June 2, 2011

Boca Baby

Need a smile to brighten your day? Go here.  Hope you enjoy!!

In other bright news: I had my first "Tony Braxton"{non-real contractions that cause drama reactions} moment today {with little guy} and Sylvie also got a new cousin on her Papa's side of the fam today.  Welcome to the World, Sophie Ellen Lampe!  Congrats, Callie and Tom!!

Speaking of kids, the Boca Mocha cafe will have a sweet little loft upstairs devoted fully to:
kids, moms, dads, creative playspace, a cozy cafe, a quiet hideaway, an art oasis, and a neighborhood meeting spot.

Here are some inspiration pics.


Hope you all have a wonderful Friday.  I hope to share some renderings tomorrow.



Lindsey Lea B said...

OH Man! I love that wall of book!!!I will take one please! :) Have a great weekend!!

A Lifestyle Thing said...

Hi Lindsey! That is pretty amazing, huh? I LOVE this idea too!! Hope you had a great weekend too. Thanks for stopping in!


Ruby Gray's said...

I love dark grey rooms with bright accents. It's so brave.

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