Wednesday, November 14, 2012


My marketing intern, Emily, set up an app on my iPhone for blogging from the phone. She's says that I have no excuse not to blog now. Haha! So I'm giving it a try today.

Updates: a little overwhelmed with things lately. (Between clients and our homes and sick babies.)

But we are seeing plans for kitchen finalized this week, along with fence posts being placed.

Here's a fast little sketch up that Will requested for our 8 ft gate clearance. We need it to be that wide to allow access with our riding lawn mowers and golf cart. The back portion of our property is wide open to the street. We need some security there but I'm not a fan of the look of a privacy fence. More about that tomorrow. Time to test out whether this on-the-go blogging really works. For some reason it won't let me plug the picture where I want it.

Hope you are liking these updates.


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Anonymous said...

Emily: Hope you love the app! I'm very excited about it!

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