Friday, November 23, 2012

Living Thankfully

Hoping you had a wonderful Thanksgiving. We certainly did! I documented my day on instagram. (Instagram is my favorite.) It's my personal locket.

This past week, Martha Stewart Living encouraged instagram users to post pictures of what they were thankful for and to use the hash tag #livingthankfully alongside their picture. I loved that title. We can all say we are thankful. But do we 'live' it?

Here's what I'm #livingthankfully for.

Mostly, as you can see it's family, and family time. My kids. Will. A roof over our heads. But I'm also thankful for YOU!

My work, a storefront that is right up the street, my vendors, my clients, my projects that end beautifully as well as my difficult project experiences that dont go so smoothly and have taught me things. Friends, and my interns who donated their time this past year. Stormy, the contractor who has fixed all of our doors time and time again.

Last but not least, the beautiful Ozarks, and the best neighborhood in the Midwest--Rountree.

Sorry if I overloaded you on pics or doubled up on them. (I'm blogging on the go!) But I will tell you...My heart is SO full. Thank you again my dear ones!!

What are you living thankfully for?

Hope you eat lots of pie today!


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