Thursday, May 26, 2011

Guest Post w/Kendra

Hi all!   Kendra and I put together a "Summer Lovin" party shoot.  Janae Hardy, an amazing photog, neighbor, friend, blogger, and mom photographed the set-up for us. We had so much fun! Thanks Janae!  Be sure to pop over to Elsie's blog this afternoon to see that Summer Lovin guest post we did for Elsie, who is still away "honey-ing and moon-dancing" with her new hubby.  Congrats, Elsie and Jeremy!

For those who took a hop over from Elsie's blog, HELLO, And welcome to MO stuff.

I just opened Picwick House, here in Springfield, MO, a little over three months ago.  It was a long time dream. It's so great to  finally have a space to think clearly and to meet with new clients outside my home, where I formerly worked under the name, sharon taylor designs.  Anyway, Pickwick House serves as a mini-showroom where I sell "finds" that I simply fall in love with and can't resist...mostly refurbished vintage pieces/antiques, one of a kind items, and art.  I also use it as a design house for working on my commercial and residential design projects, events, and weddings.  I host monthly workshops, and also love to host private parties for people at the store.

Me {30 weeks along}{source Janae Hardy}

A Picture of The Shop {snapshot by iphone}
My Home Designs {source}

 Summer Cocktail-ing by the Pool {source Twin Town Studios}

Summer Dining {source Twin Town Studios}
Last Summer Wedding {Kendra and I designed with LA event designer, JL Designs} {source gabriel ryan}
A Dining Room I Designed for a Client {photo by Sesha of  Convey Studios}

Thanks for stoppin in!  Hope you're having a lovely, sunshine day!



Rachel said...

Pregnancy suits you, Sharon - you look gorgeous! Happy belated birthday!

A Lifestyle Thing said...

Rachel, you are too nice!! Thanks for the sweet complement. And thanks for the birthday wishes. I hope you're doing well!



Your shop sounds amazing and looks beautiful!

A Lifestyle Thing said...

Loudmouth, Thanks so much!~

Jessi said...

so pretty!

Kathryn said...

How neat! I am such a sucker for beautiful home designs, but my boyfriend and I don't see eye to eye on it. He doesn't see the point in making our apartment look nice. Once I get my writing/art station set up in the living room, maybe he'll understand! I'll be looking to your blog for inspiration. :]

A Lifestyle Thing said...

Hi Kathryn! Thanks for joining in on my blog. I appreciate it!! So glad to have found you as well. And, good luck with the decorating around your boyfriend. Ha! That's always a challenge. Will is definitely strongly opinionated about what goes in our house. It's coming together though.
Step by step.


occasions said...

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