Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Spring is Here!

How's your week going?   Mine's going great. It's MAY! Yay...and with that comes the kick-off to wedding season and just all around general outdoor fun and parties.  Isn't this alfresco above fun?  What plans are you making for outdoor fun?

The first wedding we're {kendra and I} doing is with a local girl.  She's global, though.  She's "THE Nicest Girl with Big ideas".  We'll letcha in on it in a few...

Anyhow, We're pretty excited to be collaborating on what will be an amazingly one-of-a-kind event with the bride and her team.  And we are beyond flattered that she's asked us to share some DIY's on her amazingly popular blog this coming month.

Baby A is getting bigger and I was asked twice yesterday if I'm having twins.  What would your response be to that?  Sometimes I laugh and other times I want to cry...{oh, boy, the hormones!!}

I DO love being pregnant, mostly.  So many people smile and wink, and offer cookies and drinks.  SOO, Soo sweet!  But, I do think a book should be written on "What NOT to say to a woman that's expecting."

{Does anyone know where this image is from?  I would love to know.}

Have a great "Springy" day!


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