Friday, May 13, 2011

Take a Load Off and Could You, Would You?

One of the main questions I hear when customers walk into the store, is "What do you do?".  The phrase I also hear in response to their walk-thru is..."Cute Store." Thank you so much for that.  But did you know I offer more than just a little shopping experience?   

 I just found out this morning, that one of my interior projects is going to be published in book form.  That's a first for me...and I'm pretty proud.  But what me makes me most proud is that it's not just about a good looking space.  It's about building a trusting relationship where we {me and you, the client} hit the goal together. I hope to do this and that with a lot more of you.  Opening the store is sort of like a first step towards building new solution-solving relationships, trust, and de-mystifying the myth that decorators can be snobbish and/or not real.  

For those of you who know me, you know I'm far from putting on airs. I'm the first to tell you that I haven't cleaned my house in weeks, I hardly have a social life, and that my back room is pretty much a day-care for Sylvie and baby-on-the-way.  

 That said....Take a load off, browse my work, visit with me, and ask yourself.

Could you? Would you? Let me do these things for you?

1.  Design a Space You LOVE

2. Find "Unique-ness that reflects YOU"

3.  Plan It and Make It Happen for you.

Hope you have a fantastic weekend!!

  Big wedding decorating weekend in store for me. Can't wait to share this "famous girl's" wedding with you.  She's so sweet, real, and fun.


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