Monday, April 11, 2011

Easter Workshop at Pickwick House

{All images by Adie Gately of  Place Settings for Workshop}


Designed and Created by Anna Bolt-Ezell

Fresh, Homegrown Carrots on the Chandelier

Mint-Lemon Iced Tea

Galvanized Pail for an alternative Easter Basket: Chalkboard Paint Strip + Personalized Name

Raw Silk Bow + Materials for Pysanky Egg Creation

Pysanky Dye in Beautiful Colors created by Katie Kring

Katie's Amazing Pysanky Eggs  {These Eggs are Museum Worthy}

Our Basket-Filling Station

My raw silk hand-made bows + cute brooches 

Easter Basket Goodies

Millie Dolls {Selling Out FAST!}

Me, Guest Artist Katie Kring, and Kendra

Harvest Table w/Potted Lavender set inside Vintage Punch Bowls {SOLD out}
We also hung fresh, homegrown carrots on the chiavari chairs

Hi All! This past workshop was so much fun!  Can't wait to share what the next one will be.   Meanwhile, we're busy preparing for the SLOW Foods dinner that I will be hosting/designing at Pickwick House.  I couldn't be happier to be helping them kick off their season of taking fresh, local food from Farm to Table this year!   We are clearing out the entire store for this special event to make way for something very authentic.  Guest chef is Vito Palmietto...

In April's workshop, I demonstrated how to create pretty embellishments for an "urban-cottage" Easter basket, and guest artist, Katie Kring, showed the inspiring history behind pysanky artistry for eggs.  Katie also demonstrated a how-to on making a simple pysanky egg {a long-held custom from the Ukraine}.  Then, each guest chose a basket to purchase and filled their baskets with unique, one-of-a-kind items that were exclusively selected and made by local artists for this event.  Hors' d'oeuvres were cucumber sandwiches, coconut cupcakes, and iced mint-lemon tea served in vintage punch bowl cups.

Each class participant's place setting included:  
*one of my taylor-made overside bows made with strips of raw silk and antique brooches {the pre-waxed and dyed tutorial pysanky egg was placed on top of bow for a strikingly sweet effect on their favors}.  These bows were later used to adorn the baskets each guest went home with.  The bows were multi-purpose as well...they could be worn as lapel pins.
*One duck egg that Katie collected from her ducks that she raises on her farm.  She prepared these ahead of time{blew out the yokes and sketched each one with her unique designs}
* stylus {known as a kistka)
* beeswax
* candle
* pencil and paper for note-taking
* cupcake {hors' d'oeuvre} 
* Each chiavari chair was embellished with a homegrown carrot {so simple and sweet}
* Chandelier was also embellished with the carrots
* Small side table was covered in white craft paper and used for dying the eggs.  Mason jars held the beautiful dyes.

Easter Basket Table Included Choices of:
*Three different colored grass stuffings displayed in an antique hardware box
*baskets and galvanized pails {painted a strip of chalkboard paint on the side to add a customized touch for personalizing with a child's name}in all shapes and sizes
*personalized Easter cards
*Urn filled with extra-large raw-silk bows

Specialty Items for Easter Basket-Filling:
Lavender Potted Centerpieces placed in Vintage Punch Bowls with 12 cups {sold out}
Yarn-knit wreaths designed and created by local artist Anna Bolt-Ezell
Millie Dolls {sold-out...These are my sisters dolls and can be ordered}
Oversized ribbons made of strips of raw silk and antique brooches {these were demonstrated by me} 
Naturally-flavored jellybeans w/customized wrappings and flowers
Truffles & Chocolate Bunnies made locally by Elle's Patisserie 
Vintage Labeled Candies
Wooden Toys/yo-yos for
Hand-made Headbands by Hillary Fisk {proceeds go to relay for life}
Metal and Wooden Children's Gardening Tools
Madeline and Curious George Books & Puzzles
Colored Pencils wrapped in cute papers

Special Thanks to Adie of, the AMAZING Katie Kring, Kendra of, Anna Bolt-Ezell, Millie Johnson, Eleanor Taylor {my daughter} for her sugar cookies that she makes and sells @Tea Bar and Bites.


AnnieMac said...

Can you give me some information about ordering one of the dolls that your sister makes? I love them!

A Lifestyle Thing said...

Hi Annie! Sorry to just now be getting back to you. I would be happy to help you with ordering a doll. I am getting ready to put them on Etsy. We actually got cleaned out for Easter and have just two dolls left. One is Marie Antoinette and the other has black hair. Email me @ and we'll get an order placed for you.

Thanks for your interest, by the way!


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