Saturday, May 7, 2011

Blogging, Motherhood, biz and LIFE

Happy Saturday, Friends!  I was going to do a post #2 gift guide yesterday, but got so behind on things at the store. Please come into the store today.  I love getting to know you!

The biz:
I'm having so much fun meeting new customers that are coming in daily and bringing with them...the bright, May sunshine that lifts my spirit.  Not to mention all your smiles and ideas.  Thank you for coming into see me!!  By the way, one new customer of mine...gave me a terrific idea this week. More on that to come...

The blog:

*In case you've not noticed, I'm hosting a giveaway in honor of mom's day.  Go here to check it out.  {By the way...I'm a bit perplexed that only three people have signed up!!  Come on sweet-peas!} 

*Okay, and I'm a bit stumped and want to figure out how to make my blog better....While I have lists and lists of ideas for projects I'm working on that are about ten miles long, I'm fresh out of ideas on what you'd like to see here on the blog.  I'm all ears and would really love to have your feedback.  Any new blogs you love out there?  Any suggestions for some weekly features you'd like to see?  More wedding/events?  Interior Inspirations and Room Makeovers?  Flea Market finds?  Design Crushes?  Family features?

*Or, should I just quit? That's not my style, so I don't even know why I just said that.  Some days I think about it, though.  Fitting it in, isn't the easiest thing to do when you have a biz, four kids, an old house and one more bebe on the way.  

I do know revamp is underway!  I'm going to alleviate the side bar all together and make photos HUGE.  This requires more work than I thought it would.  Hours of decoding and rewriting.

MOTHERHOOD: The biggest gift AND job in life.

How did I get here?  One minute I'm just a girl...and the next I'm pregnant, and the next, here in my arms I hold and let go of one, two, three, and four real beings that are quickly walking out into the  big, scary world.   Equipped with the training I am giving them?  Nothing really prepares us for this job fully.

And my, oh, my, have they ever taught me some things about life? At least I'd like to think I've learned some things while trying my best to raise them. I'm sure they will continue to teach me many more new things as we stumble our way through minute by minute. 

Structure:  Whenever there is a breakdown or chaos within the house, it's usually due to the fact that the daily schedule has fallen apart.  Daily tasks, and schedules MUST be drawn up and seen thru.  Consequences laid out as well {this is so hard to follow thru with for me, but when I don't...things worsen}.
Laugh: I'd be a big, tight mess without it.
Listen: I don't always know EVERYTHING.  Listening gives them a sense of individuality, and a voice. Also, find out what they feel, think, see before and while they are teens with big social lives.

One on One Time:  My mom and dad did this with nine kids!   Bless their hearts in heaven!!  Life is crowded in a big household, and it's hard to get a word in edge-wise with some of the fighting, and the hustle-bustle.  Time out or just a five minute talk one-on-one each night at bed time helps to "build up" a strong realization that this person and all their activities really do matter.
Lead by being Good:  They watch everything and take in all that we do, whether we realize it or, working hard to do everything we can "right"... is a good goal to have.  "Do your best" is what my parents told me I like to tell myself and my kids this daily, too. 
Fess-Up:  As a mom, I make mistakes all the time. I think it shows humility and strength to fess up to mistake.  Own them and say, "I shouldn't have done that, I will NOT let that happen again." I WILL do better.
Give High-Fives, Not Lingering Applause:  I won't be a gushing mom, because I think this can make kids have an inflated sense of themselves. I can still let them know I'm proud of them step by step along the way to build the confidence they'll need in the real world.
Honey Time: Keeping a tight, partner relationship is key to keeping the household structure running smoothly and happily too. If we are good partners to each other, the kids will feel good too. Being on the same page will ensure that no loop-holes are discovered.  I like to think of it as a good-business-type partnership with kisses all around.

Me, as the baby girl.

Eleanor, Louis, Charlie, and Sylvie

Eleanor, 16yrs

Louis, 15yrs
Charlie, 11yrs

Syl, 2010

Baby A. due this late summer
Will and Me, 2009



Meg said...

Dear Sharon, This post just made me cry. Love and miss you and those beautiful children more than I can bear sometimes. Definitely don't stop blogging. Yours is still one of my fave design blogs out of all of em. But bigger pics and less sidebar action sounds like a great idea to keep things fresh.
I'm just so inspired how you pull it all off with such panache every day, Lady. Wow.

dad1caf0-78ba-11e0-bf47-000bcdcb471e said...

Sharon-I love to read your blog! You are an incredible storyteller. I look forward to each new post. Can't wait to see where your blog goes...

<3 Tina Stevenson

A Lifestyle Thing said...

Meg, you are too sweet. I miss you too!! Especially your laugh and story telling. Thanks for making my day. xoxoxo

A Lifestyle Thing said...

Tina!! I'm so flattered you like my blog. You are a leading inspiration as a fellow artist/colleague yourself... in the wedding industry AND as an amazing mom. Hats off to you and Happy Mothers Day! Hope your wedding season goes well!!


A Lifestyle Thing said...

Dear MEG, I forgot to tell you HAPPY MOTHERS DAY!! LOVE you so much!!!

Elizabeth Rose Stanton said...

I agree that you should not stop blogging! It's hard to keep up sometimes, but your content is pretty interesting, and I like your images.

A Lifestyle Thing said...

Elizabeth, Thank you for stopping in to say something nice and encouraging!! It's easy to get discouraged, but keeping my eye on the ball is what I aim to continue doing. If you are a mom, I hope you'll have a Happy Mothers Day.


Missy said...

Sharon! HAPPY HAPPY Mother's Day!!!! Ok, definitely DON'T stop blogging! I agree with the girls above, yours is definitely one of my very favorites. I get so excited when I see that you've posted something new:) Tina is spot on... You have SO many gifts and one of them is definitely storytelling! Blog post ideas: 1.I LOVE the times you let us in on your childhood memories - I love to hear about your mom (it inspires me to make wonderful memories for my children, reminds me that they are aware of the things I do or don't do). 2.I'd love to see some posts about yours and your sister's houses! You "invited" us to Rosie's awhile back, but we want to see more:) 3.Your flea market finds are so fun to see and read about! 4.I always looove seeing the work you do for your clients.

Keep up the amazing work!
~ Missy Wade

Cricket said...

I haven't read your blog for some time now (just been too busy getting my shop open) but, like Meg, this one brought tears to my eyes...especially the part on motherhood. You have a lot on your plate but seem to handle it so graciously. Just keep finding the joy. I love reading your blog! And I love keeping up with your latest creations.

A Lifestyle Thing said...

Cricket, thanks so much for your sweet comments. That just makes my day. Some days are hairy, but one thing is for sure...Kids and work give joy!

I really need to get over to your new shop. I've driven past two times on my way to appts...and the window looks SO inviting. Great job! Hope to see you real soon.


A Lifestyle Thing said...

And, Missy...You are always too kind! I like your blog suggestions. When are you going to start your own blog, by the way???!!!


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