Thursday, May 12, 2011

Design Crush: Chris Barrett

Im working on a proposal for a coffee shop project as well as trying to figure out some things at our house...{the tee-tiny kitchen}.  I went straight back to my design inspiration files to pull this out.  The work of Chris Barrett.  It's probably no surprise that this restaurant, COMME CA speaks to me. I chose the same palate for Pickwick House that he used here.  Notice the black and white striped awning.  So classic, happy, and cute to me.  Drawn from the time-honored tradition of the Parisian brasserie, Chris used a minimalist color palate and eclectic decor to provide an intimate and understated backdrop that works for any gathering or special occasion.  I think it's sweet perfection.

What do you think of the chalkboard walls?  Are they a long-gone-overdone fad?  I still love them, but Will thinks I need to move on with something else.  

Happy Facing-the-Spring world today! "It's so BEAUTIFUL out!", as Sylvie says.


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