Thursday, April 21, 2011

Silvie's Three!

It's Sylvie's birthday today.
Sylvie, pictured here, next to her "Speeder" {her new set of wheels that all the Lampe boys learned to ride on}.   You can hardly see her face with her long bangs.  We're trying to grow them out, but she won't keep a hair tie in!!  She's a fun little thing.  Loves pink, but is tougher than a box a rocks with her determination.  Just last night, Sylvie rode her bike all by herself for a good thirty feet and laughed the whole time she was doing it.

I ordered Syl some little Salt Water sandals and am hoping these little "sylvie-colored" ones arrive before Easter.  Loved these dresses that I found on a blog fave of my sisters, bliss. They look like really good twirlers, don't you think?  They are from kicokids.

We were going to have a little bash for Sylvie this weekend, but as always, it rains on her party day.  So, we're waiting for sunshine.   Hope we can all find some soon!

Happy Day to you all!



summersundays-jw said...

Sylvie is adorable. Hope she had a wonderful birthday.

A Lifestyle Thing said...

Thanks so much Jan!!

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