Thursday, April 28, 2011


My nesting instincts are kicking in full force, and I still have twelve more weeks to go. I feel the need to straighten all my nests...  Redesign of Web + Blog Design + Home + Clients.  Met with a graphic/web designer today and will meet with an architect next week about the possibilities of adding onto our tiny, tiny house that's about to explode with even more little people and growing teens.  I cannot believe we're about to have another baby!!  Baby A has been waking me up early in the am with all his kicking, and sometimes that's good and sometimes bad.  Today, it was good.  I woke up at five and knocked out a lot!

Okay, moving on...I have a SERIOUS design crush right now....see below to find out who/what/where.
He's so talented.  And cute too...I might add.

LOVE that salmon colored velvet!  Cheetahs making me growl.

Can I just say "Canopy LOVE"?!

Can't get this vanity out of my head!! The over-sized ruffles just-so bubbly fun!

Bringing in the simple, dark furniture keeps it grounded and unfussy.
 Ryan Korban.  I remember seeing this sweet-faced Italiano looking boy and his work a few years back in the old Domino issues.  Now, he's popping up everywhere, including the new TradHome Mag.  I really love his romantic/70's vibe.

What do you think?  Do you have a favorite male designer?  I think Ryan's right up there on my list.

Royal Wedding Thoughts to come tomorrow!!


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