Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Spring Table-Tops

My uncle just sent me this little picture and verse that my great, great grandmother Pauline Frances Camp made over 100 years ago.  She would make these as favors for their many party guests that they would entertain-for in their big, beautiful Victorian home on Walnut Street.  Pauline's husband, Walter, commented to his mother that Pauline would make things like this "so quickly, that the expense and passing of time was of no consequence."

Poems and sketches.  So sweet.

I thought that this would make a sweet addition to a table I just put together here, at the store.  The spirea flower is one of my favorites.  Reminds me of mom, because mom battled hard with my dad over these bushes in our own yard, growing up.  Dad loved hedge trimming with his long-corded electric hedge-trimmers and took pride in making a tight-bowled shape bush, while mom loved the free flowing branched bushes.  I have to agree with mom.  Free flowing is much dreamier.  What would you say?

These spirea branches are from a bush from my childhood home, which my brother Philip lives in now.  We live next door and share this one bush that I love.  I loved picking them today.  What's popping up in your yard?  No other bouquet like one from your own yard, is there?

This Friday, on the KY3 News early morning show with Maria Neider, I will be sharing some entertaining ideas for Easter Tables and Baskets. I'll try to share a link then.

Have a good rest of your week!


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