Monday, March 8, 2010

The Secret Garden: Robert Shapiro

Without a doubt, I think everyone and their next door neighbor's dog is ready for spring, and gosh darnit... I wish I had this garden!! I just nearly flipped when I saw this article in May 2009 Elle Decor Issue.
In the heart of bustling L.A., Richard Shapiro has created a paradise. 700 boxwood ago, this property was just another Southern California back yard with a manicured lawn, some palm trees, and a 1950's swimming pool. The image of the pool situated in front of the Roman Style temple {portico} nearly took my breath away. The pool has been painted algae green and the stones have been distressed. A stunning recreation.

Definitely could've fooled me. I thought this paradise was set in Europe. Did you?

Mr. Will has been itching to ready our North side yard up like this one. We went to a green house auction last weekend and came home with lots of evergreen trees and bushes. Some of the trees are half dead, but if anybody can bring 'em back to life, Will will. That's his name.

So, What are your spring plans? Any garden projects?

Images by Miguel Flores-Vianna

Happy week to you, darlings!

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Dandy said...

I love those manicured bushes!!

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