Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Warm Woods Mixed With High Gloss Color

Spring really is here, we just don't know it yet. Lovin these painted chairs/tables mixed with the warm woods. Organic + Modern + a sign of

I just realized it yesterday when my sister, Julie, pulled me out of my indoor rut. She grabbed me to go for a drive to look for fresh, pliable grapevine. Yes, you heard that right...grapevine...I took on a job that I wished I had not.
I agreed to make grapevine valances for a dear old friend who loves Victorian decor. I thought it would be simple, fun, and give me a change of scenery for a day or two. I purchased my supplies at the wholesale floral shop, came home, and began trying to unravel the store bought grapevine wreaths. Utter crackly mess!! I got in a bad mood. A real bad mood. Will even tried to tell me to talk me out of my bad mood...he said to go on a drive to look for it, just like my mom used to do. I told him I didn't want to waste hours looking for grapevine in my whiny voice. {Sorry, Will. You were right.}

Julie came by and picked me up, in my Wellies and clippers.

We had fun driving down alleys thru all the huge, muddy, pot-holed puddles. We remembered the good old days when mom would take us to find grapevine and then we'd make loads and loads of grapevine wreaths to sell on our street corner. Mom was ahead of her time and so creative. People snatched those wreaths up as fast as we made them.

It didn't take long for Julie and I to find an abandoned old property in the center of town. The house sits on a property that has been zoned to be torn down due to a flood that continually rips thru that flood plain. We ventured onto the large 'countrified' property and discovered a sweet little pond with a momma and papa duck sitting quietly {A real sign of spring}. AND...Sitting next to it, a sweet patch of honeysuckle w/pliable, green centered vines + grapevine! We pulled and tugged just like mom. Took all of an hour to feel invigorated and restored.

Spring has sprung. What new things are you doingthis spring?

{images via Skona Hem, Coco and Kelley and Elle Decor}

Happy Spring, darlings!



Missy said...

Sharon, I loved this post! I'm in a rut today... I stayed up WAY too late last night so I'm quite tired, It's gloomy outside, I have so many things I need to accomplish around the house today and I can't seem to get my act together. This post gave me the boost to stop wasting the day away and get something done!

You made me laugh because I'm right there with your bad mood:) I also love to hear (read) about your mom - I love it when you give us readers tid bits into her genius. She would be so proud of all of you girls and how you've turned out to be just like her. Hearing you tell so many neat stories about her and how, ultimately, she inspired you at such a young age, makes me hope that my children will think of me in that same light some day - such an honor!

~ Missy Wade

Anonymous said...

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David said...

I like your choice, thank you very much.


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