Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Wedding Wednesday

Alright, something entirely new here today! So my gals here, have been begging me to regularly post about wedding stuff on the blog.  As you know, I rarely post about them.  Not because I don't love them.  I do.  I have to admit that I compartmentalize each one into a little box inside my head because I just find that weddings are so completely loaded with details that while I'm in the process of wedding planning, it can be intense.  "Why is it intense, you ask?"  It came as a relief to me when I read in Forbes Magazine that wedding coordinators have the 6th most stressful job {right next to police officers}.  I'm not whining.  Just calling it out.  Weddings are incredibly, incredibly challenging.  That is why it is so important to hire a coordinator.

I hope to share some of the behind the scenes things here.  Most of all the big joys, and maybe a tiny glimpse of some of the problems that can arise [and some tips on diffusing those problems too].
Okay, here it is....

                                                      -Wedding Wednesday-
Since designing and coordinating my first real wedding about six years ago, I have learned SO, SO much!  It's laughable what I did back then.  Feel free to leave me your comments about any thing you'd love to hear about most regarding weddings or events.  Whether its inspirations photos you want to see, works in progress, do's and don'ts, those 'tears of joy moments' that reveal themselves along the way, or just pictures?  I really do love hearing from you all and I hope you enjoy this post.  

Right now, we're working on a wedding that is all about gold glitter, stars, and gatsby style.  I'm obsessed with these random stars everywhere.

Here's a big star prop that we painted gold and recently glittered.  If you don't know this, gold and glitter are our favorites right now!  This star will either be used as a dessert bar table or as a smile booth prop.

These shoes are from BHLDN and I love them!

Gold stickers via pinterest .

BHLDN as well.  LOVE everything about this look!

Thanks for listening and reading.



Missy said...

Sharon, what a great post!! And you articulated very well the reason you don't *love* posting about weddings:) I'm glad you did today though.

~ Missy Wade

Anonymous said...

Love the glitter!!!

A Lifestyle Thing said...

Thanks Missy. I actually don't mind posting about weddings. I just feel that weddings should be simpler than a lot of them are...for a lot of reasons. I'm going to share more about 'why they should be simpler' on these upcoming posts. Looking forward to it! Thanks for reading Missy. xx

A Lifestyle Thing said...

Thanks anonymous! I know who you are:) xx

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