Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Golden Shoot

                           Here I am on-site looking for good angles on a project that's almost finished!

Tomorrow is the photo shoot for this project.  It's a room that's slowly evolved and even as I write this, the muralist is cutting a stencil for painting something a little extra special on the walls {think gold}between now and tomorrow morning.  I will be loading the van with extra props today and also going to buy a gold fish w/blue rocks to bring life and movement into this space:)  It will be a special outing for Sylvia to go pick one out.  Hopefully we keep the gold fish alive 'til the shoot and I'm also praying that this is a 'golden' shoot too. haha!!  {Shoots stress me out a bit because placement is a lot of heavy work, steaming and pressing, and taping, and never as easy as what they should be or what they look like in the mags.}

Come back for tomorrow's post where I'll be sharing something entirely new and exciting with you!

Happy Tuesday!


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