Thursday, September 27, 2012

Throw Back Thursday: Slipcovers

                                      Hello!  Here's my first 'Throwback Thursday' post.

So years ago, my home was featured in Better Homes and Gardens special edition of Do It Yourself.  While my taste and style has changed considerably since then, one thing that I find I still love in this room is the slipcovered sofa.   I think slipcovers are timeless and can be worked into any room.

How do you feel about slipcovers?  Love them or hate them?

On a side note, it's been brought to my attention, that the format for commenting on my blog posts is challenging for those of you that have tried in the past to leave a comment.   My intern has reworked the settings for you to comment more freely now.  When and if you do comment {insert smiley face}, there is a chance that the settings may only let you comment anonymously, so be sure to leave your name.

Hope you have a nice day!


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