Monday, September 17, 2012


I had the wonderful opportunity to design something special for a really popular boutique apparel store that recently moved locations here locally.  STAXX.  It's the mama to jellybeans {a kids apparel store} that I designed a couple years back.  You can see the jellybeans project feature from Design Sponge here or you can order the book that the project was published in from here.

I LOVE doing commercial space interior design! It's a personal goal of mine to do more public spaces here in the Midwest and beyond:).  I would love, love to design public library spaces, boutique hotels, and also not-for-profits that are near to dear to my heart.

The columns above fell into my lap and also into babies danger zone playground at the shop.  I have an antique vendor who brings things to me that are usually ultra cool.  He brought me these three columns and even though I had no idea what I would do with them at the time, I bought them without reason and with very little cash in my pocket.  Then, that very day, the owner of Staxx called me and said she needed to come up with some creative merchandising for a really long wall.

I chose to have the columns hung horizontally instead of vertically on the wall.   {Columns made into merchandizing shelves.} Before hanging them, I knew the raw columns needed to be 'hipped-ified' in some way, so I decided to have the ends dipped in high gloss paint.  Each end cap with a different color.  Gold, Black, Cream, and Three different shades of Green {fifty shades of grey, or green...haha!}

My client and I love how they turned out...what do you think? I think that this is an idea that could work in residential spaces too.  Would be really great for a kids room, a personal library, or even a kitchen.

I'll share the rest of the space with you soon.  

Happy  Monday!


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