Friday, February 11, 2011

Countdown Giveaway: #5 of SIX Sisters

As, the give-aways comes to a close, I should congratulate those of you who've entered...because your chances for winning one of these gifts is pret-ttttty high, ummmm.....considering the number of you who have signed up.  Come dear's as easy-peasy as pudding pie to log in as a follower and then leave a comment + your email.  I entered a giveaway just last week on the lovely and popular PVE's {blog} and won a darling set of letter press LOVE notecards that I am planning on putting to good use this year with my kids + myself + will.

What would be better than giving the following gifts to yourself or someone you love?  Reminder: You can sign up for each day's give-away, and the entry deadline is now extended to February 14th {v-day}.  Be sure to check back in for a give-away that I will be offering come Monday.

Before I start with Millie's Gifts, here are today's random thoughts:

*First off, I'd like to thank my sisters, who have put some time, thought, and talent into the countdown giveaway for the store opening.   Thanks, guys.

*I'm sure you know by now which sister's which, so I'll not post that same ol' picture again of all of us.

*Someone mentioned that the past four blog titles make it sound like I'm giving my sisters away.  No, but they will be for sale at the store.  Just k.

*Yesterday, we road-tripped to pick up some really cool, one of a kind, fragile goods. We loaded them into the bed of the truck, which was/is still fully mounded with snow.  No bubble wrap needed. We just covered the breakables in snow and then later uncovered the buried treasures with our shovel.  Hopefully this ice age will end quick, so we can move in and not break our backs, bottoms, and babies {goods}.

*Store's soft opening is Monday.  Just four days away and we haven't even begun the set-up process.  {Lots of coffee and patience needed.  Slow-it-down on panic}

*Hey, locals, Don't forget that the store will have fresh flower bouquets from the lovely Orchid Lady to purchase, and Eleanor's freshly baked sugar cookies + slushy-pink, berry sweetheart drinks + recipe cards on Monday.  And, of course, complimentary shopping and limited supplies of take-home gifts.

*I'm overwhelmed by everyone's generosity.  I had a fellow colleague/friend offer up her whole "girls- night-out-group" to spend their "precious" hours helping us out at the store on Friday night.  How sweet is that??!!

*It's been a long stretch leading up to this point and I've had some bumps in the road.  "I'm not afraid of storms for I am learning to sail my ship."--Louisa May Alcott
* With the bumps, come great knowledge and understanding.  On this day, I have gratitude for all of the infinite possibilities in my life that are continually proving themselves to me this year.

Alright, enough about's what you want to hear about...Camille Joy Arnold Johnson.

She goes by Millie and she is the finest genius. The eighth of nine, she fully understands the wealth of time.  She makes the day both useful, and pleasant and takes not a minute for her own greed of selfishness.  She is the mother of three... Mabel, Ralph, and a sweet little Birdie.  She sews and sings and makes really beautiful dolls, blankets, dresses, curtains, clothes, and other things. She grew up fast.  Married Young.  No regrets.  Not one.  

Millie is the best roller skater and homemaker ever..  If you've ever been to anthropology, that's what her house looks like, and she's made almost everything in it.  Anthropology store actually asked her to make 100 dolls in a six week period, but she told them "babies can't be made in a hurry".  Millie lost mom at the tender age of fifteen, in the midst of the two of them reading to each other each night...the Charles Dickens novel "David Copperfield".  Far too young to have lost, but so much of mom remains in her, nonetheless.  She has strong convictions that precede great actions.  A woman of ALL good traits + the prettiest hair and drop-dead gorgeous braids!


Millie's giveaway:  You will see nothing like these dolls anywhere.  She made one for Sylvie's birth and I cried.  Such sweet loving details are poured into her creations.  Framable, Wearable, and Stealable, almost edible.

Here's what Millie had to share with us...
Quote.... you get what you get and you don't throw a fit..... I say it at least 26 times a day

Id like to meet....Tasha Tudor

My favorite movie... Life is beautiful

Favorite meal...moms homemade noodles

Best memory... Our dryer catching on fire and getting to go to Limited too with the insurance check

See blog posts below for the drill on the giveaways.


Abby S.I. said...

This brings tears to my eye's today…hormonal I guess. You and all the sister's are amazing in so many ways! You truly are a storybook family. I feel privileged to know you all!

cynthialipscomb said...

This has been such an interesting give away. You are all so talented! I feel like we're coming to the end of a great novel- cannot wait to see what happens next but sad that it's coming to an end. I'm super excited for your shop to open! My dog Ellie and I walk by there often checking for progress (that is when we aren't covered in snow)

Laine said...

I remember when your dryer caught on fire too! One of my most memorable childhood moments as well.

**** said...

That was a fabulous post about yet another fabulous sister. Best of luck at the store opening - I'm sure it's going to be amazing!

Meg said...

Sharon I think I was finally able to follow your blog. I've tried a few times and it didn't work.
So glad to be a part and so very excited about your store opening!
I feel like making a trip to SGF JUST to see it. xoxoxoxoxoxo

Meg said...

Oh...and those sisters and their contributions are just too good to be true. What I would give to hear Millie put Anthro in their place! LOVE!

Missy said...

Oh man, I'm crying too!!! I love this post and I want that doll ;)

Dana-v said...

I use that same quote with my fourth graders at school! Hehehe!

Allison said...

My girls still carry their cute little purses that Millie made as party favor for Mabel's birthday a few years ago. I agree, she is very talented and I ADORE her dolls! Can't wait for your opening!

Cydney said...

What a great post-brought tears to my eyes!

Nicole said...

This is a very sweet post. Your family seems so special, I almost get jealous :) --Nicole

Andrea said...

Love all these giveaways! Count me in please! mindingthegap(at)hotmail(dot)com

Stephanie Marazon said...

I love the blog. The giveaway items are so unique.

Allison said...

OOh, forgot this...

kendawalter said...

Sharon, It has been really fun meeting your family. Congratulations on the opening of, Pickwick House. I can't wait to come and visit!
Best Wishes, Kenda from Leola's

HiFi said...

So cute!!! These giveaways have just made me a little jealous and totally in awe of you all!

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