Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Countdown Finale: Gifts from Sixth Sister

How was your Valentines day?  Mine was loving.

Alrighty, now I know I promised a sixth day giveaway before Valentines Day, {our store opening day}, but we got a little behind schedule and were not able to begin moving furniture in to the new space until Saturday. We had a little over 48 hours to set the entire store up and be ready to open the doors for a soft opening afternoon party.  We're a little exhausted, but mostly just filled with happiness for how it fell into place and also turned out to be a beautiful weekend and day for opening.  I can't wait to share photos from the store and party with you.  It was a day I'll not ever forget.

My giveaway:  Two of my most favorite things...
1.  One of my custom designed, and created down-filled pillows from the line we carry at Pickwick House {all lovingly made to perfection by the talented artist, Kendra Skinner of Lonie Mae}.  This pillow is made with a zipper so you can unzip it when it gets dirty and throw it in the wash...even bleach it if you have to.  It's one of those pillows that will only get better with age and softer with each wash.  Value: $78.

2.  A beautiful little candle from a home-based company in California and I'll be carrying the line in the store as well.  It is hand-poured using soy wax.  The moroccan glass that the wax is poured into is, by itself so sweet, but the scent that is poured into it is even more sweet.  It comes in an assortment of light spring fragrances.  It also comes with a special box that has a gold stamped wax seal.  Value:  $32

Since I'm late in posting this and since it's been such a busy time for me, I'm extending the entry time to Wednesday, the 16th.

Tidbits I will share:

One of my favorite quotes:  I'm going to have to say one right now that sticks with me {is actually one of Will's favorites too}:  "You will make all kinds of mistakes, but as long as you are generous and true and also fierce, you cannot hurt the world or even seriously distress her.  The world was meant to be wooed and won by youth."  --Winston Churchill

Currently obsessed with: reading about how to succeed in business and watching Syl dance.

What film I love:  Places in the Heart {Sally Field portraying a naive widower in the depression who struggles to hold onto what little they had and also provide for the family with their cotton field farm business}

Favorite Meal: Steak and Potatoes

Who I'd like to Meet:  Martha Stewart

Favorite memory growing up:  Dad taking us just us girls out for "girls club" in his little blue volkswagon.  We'd first go to the restaurant, Ebenezers and then to Swensons Ice Cream Parlor.

Also, my fifteenth birthday.  Mom hired a square-dancing caller and I had a hoe-down party at night with my friends on our driveway.

That's it for today.  I hope you'll enter the giveaway.  I'll announce them on Thursday.

Have a great day.



Jillybean said...

I'm so excited to come in and shop!


Dana-v said...

OHHHH!!! Love the giveaway today!!!! Wishing myself luck! And a big congrats to your opening!!!! Can't wait to see pics!

HiFi said...

I'm so sad to see the giveaways coming to a close but even more excited that we now have another amazing addition to Pickwick Place!
Best of luck with everything and I will be in to see you asap!

Cydney said...

What a great giveaway &
congratulations on your opening!


*love the bathtub scene in Places in the Heart. so innocent!

Joy said...

Congratulations Sharon!

michael n. said...

THese give-aways have been so fun to read! The description of each one of your sister is perfect! (I'm thinking you could also be a poet on the side.) I know Carol is looking down on all of you just proud as peas! You are all truly amazing! I'm so proud you are my cousins!
I know this store is going to be hugely successful because I know there is none other like it. Anyway, congratulations on the opening!
Love ya, Carrie

Morgan said...

oh so lovely! Brandon and I planned to come by the opening after work yesterday, but missed you. everything looks fantastic through the windows, though. can't wait to come in and shop!


**** said...

Congrats on the opening!! Lusting over that pillow.


Charity said...

loved the store and LOVE my goodies from yesterday!!


Latrice said...

Sharon you and your sisters are so amazing and creative. You all have good hearts! Each of the items you all offered were priceless! Love ya girl!

Missy said...

Boy oh boy, this.is.a.good.one.!!!

I'm sad that the giveaways are over too. Not for the giveaways sake, but because I've absolutely loved reading the bio's on your sisters:) Carrie's right, you are a REALLY great writer - maybe one of these days you'll write a book?!!

Cheers to you Sharon, and to Pickwick House!!!
Missy Wade


Nicole said...

Congrats on your already success - you don't need to read any books about how to succeed :) Can't wait to stop by the shop for a visit! --Nicole (n.chilton@gmail.com)

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