Friday, February 4, 2011

Countdown Giveaway: #2 of SIX Sisters

In order from left to right:  me, Lizzie, Julie, Rosie, Jeanie and Millie

Dear sister, Jeanie, is the next sister in line after me.   She's as graceful and beautiful as Grace Kelley, and just as good as gold.  Growing up, I always slept with her in one of the ever-shifting double beds, half-broken twin beds and rotating bedrooms. Many times I selfishly begged her on late nights to wait up for me while I finished washing the seemingly endless piles of dinner dishes....just so we could sing duets with each other before we drifted off to sleep.  It was usually "I love you, Lord", and "White Coral Bells".   She was always good company, would listen to my ramblings and would do whatever I told her to do.  We clogged together, sang together, played the cello together, and roller skated like mad together.

Being Jeanie's next-up older sister, I think she always looked up to me, but now that we are grown, I look WAY up to her.

She is gifted in many areas.  Smart, funny, and a much better decorator and person than me.  Kind, patient, and giving beyond belief.  She never says a cross word.  Her witty poetry and collage skills would make anyone mad with envy.  She makes each one of us sisters a carefully crafted birthday card each year that looks and reads as if she's spent hours and hours on it.

She is also the one sibling who took up the piano at a really young age without knowing how to read music.  Most of us siblings felt chained to the piano every morning, but Jeanie was one of those prodigies that could play a song beautifully right after hearing it, and would play George Winston for days until our brothers would shout for an end to it.

She plays Claire de Lune just like mom always did and plays the piano daily for her little boys, Jude, Hank, and Amos.

Love you Jeanie!  And, thank you!!
Jeanie had this to share with us: 

Favorite Quote For the Day...You always get what you've always got, if you always do what you've always done.  -unknown

Currently obsessed with- sandals
What film has had the greatest influence on your style/life...Anne of Green Gables---I guess I always have loved puffed sleeves, the thought of a bossom friend to clip a lock of my hair for...and of course Gil

I'd love to meet...Chopin and Mozart
Favorite meal...sushi or quite the opposite--a chicken rice casserole
Best memory growing up...roller skating down Lombard, especially after watching Funny Girl for the first time

Wanna chance to win one of Jeanie's many gifts?  A darling hand-knit scarf.

Don't forget that you can enter for each day's giveaway.  And please tell your friends about the store opening on Valentines Day.  {Oh, yikes. ...if you could only see the amount on my unfinished list.}

OKay, READERS:  Here's the drill...

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Thanks for stopping by, everybody!  Have a wonderful Friday and a warm-filled weekend.

sister image by janae hardy.


Dana-v said...

YAY for giveaways!!!!

Midshipman Arnold said...

It looks like we will both be starting our new jobs on the 14th. We wish you the best of luck!

Philip, Barrie, Sophie and Graham

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Jillybean said...

I love scarves! I had a gorgeous hand-knit scarf that a teacher made for me in high school that I somehow misplaced when we moved. It was one of my favorites.

pve design said...

Thanks for your comment and for letting me know all about your sisters here and the sweet scarf give-away!
I love my sisters and scarves...too.

pve design said...

follower :)

Purple Flowers said...

I've enjoyed reading about your sisters - so nice. I have a warm feeling about them. I love the idea of having a bunch of sisters, and the idea of a hand knitted scarf. Please count me in! Thank you.

HiFi said...

Love this color! I am experimenting with knitting myself but have not reached this level yet!

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