Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Countdown Giveaway: #3 of SIX Sisters

Signed copy of Someday and One of Rosie's Hand-made Paper Doll Sets

me, lizzie, julie, rosie, jeanie, and millie

Sister, Rosie, the sixth of nine kids.  An absolute whirlwind of charm, whimsy, and talent, she turns the world right side up!!  Rosie is a self-taught writer, illustrator, and mother to Goldie, {+ little one on the way}.  Her work is a delightful reflection of the happy life she leads and also projects to everyone around her.  She takes great care in everything she does and brings a unique calming and magical touch to her home, work and everyone in it.

Her house is sister hang-out at four oclock everyday and it feels like a good, cozy cup of tea in London-house in these winter months...but at the same time and for the most part, her home is like a large sailing vessel headed for adventures across the great blue sea {imaginative kid-land}.  Her dining room table is one long stage of crafting, sketching and daily inspirations that entrance kids and adults alike.

Growing up, she could tangle herself into balls with legs wrapped around her neck while playing the piano.  Piano skills, NOT, but knack-of-humor she's got.  Feeling a little stiff and cranky? Rosie will lighten you up and make you laugh like no other.  With a name like Rosie, how could she not?


Rosie had these things to share when I asked:

ONe of your favorite Quotes... "Above all, don't fear the difficult moments.  The best comes from them. --Rita Levi Montalcini

Currently obsessed with...breakfast, lunch and dinner

What film has had the greatest influence on your style...I think it goes back to The Adventures of Natty Gann. I really liked that old fashioned tom boy look, the time era seems adventurous, and everything was so make do with what you got. Plus, I have always wanted to run away, hop a train, and make friends with a wolf or any animal that would have me as a friend. But the real reason is that Mom took me to see that movie for my birthday.

I'd love to meet...up with mom for a walk or tea by the fire.
Favorite meal...fried chicken and mashed potatoes and gravy.

Best memory growing up...making Valentines with mom. Dad buying all nine us our very own box of Russel Stovers chocolates. Mom got the biggest box. 

Rosie's giveaway includes a signed copy of Someday, and get ready for this....The most adorable signed ensemblage that accompanies one of her signature paper dolls.  Completely one of a kind, hand made, with stylish outfits, crowns, and a miniature box of chocolates for the paper doll.  I wish you could see this!
Almost too cute to touch.  Framable, for sure.


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Thanks for stopping by, everybody!  Have a wonderful Friday and a warm-filled weekend.

sister image by janae hardy.


HiFi said...

OMG I had no idea that every one of your sisters were so talented! Your family gets more fabulous each day!!!


Cydney said...

Such a talented family!

**** said...

I'd love one of Rosie's dolls for Ella!


Molly Jane said...

I am so excited about this Give Away! Btw, I loved The Adventures of Natty Gan as a child. I used to watch the Disney movie all the time.;) Thanks for sharing!


Molly Jane

PS. Stop by and say hello sometime. I am hosting a February Give Away soon!:)


Email Address: Molly.jbranch@gmail.com

Jillybean said...

The paper doll would be adorable framed and hanging in a little girl's room! I love it!


pve design said...

I love that your family each has special talents.
love paper dolls, books, valentines and chocolates too-

Joy said...

Soo cute.


cynthialipscomb said...

I cannot wait for your shop to open! What a wonderful addition to the neighborhood!


Missy said...

I love this and I love Rosie:)


Nicole said...

One on the way! Congrats to Rosie, that is so exciting!

Andrea said...

Love all these giveaways! Count me in please! mindingthegap(at)hotmail(dot)com

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