Monday, October 19, 2009

Taylor-Made Tips for a Dream Headboard

Just a little something I had the upholsterer pick up today from the flea market for a client. It {i kid you not} was tagged with the title "hooker-chic" by the vendor. I might rephrase that tag-line for the sold tag to say, Pretty Woman, just to humor the silly vendor. This vendor does in fact, bring in THE most killer pieces on a continual basis.

The flea market owner told me today that the bed could've sold a ca-gillian times in between the time I purchased it and when I picked it up. This news didn't really surprise me.

The headboard is going to be dressed in a warm grey fabric and the wood trim is going to be lacquered in a high-gloss white.

Taylor-Made Head Board Tips:
1. The headboard is full-size, but we'll be using it with a queen size mattress. It will be exactly the width of the mattresses and will look just fine since we will be elevating the headboard to give it a bigger look.

2. Bed mattresses are so much taller/thicker now then in the sixties, which means I'll saw off these short legs and then hang the headboard from the 8' high ceiling. Elevating it to this level will place it where the stackage of mattresses + pillow tops are just below the beautiful tufting, making the buttons look as if they are the sixteenth notes from a masterful Tchaikovsky musical score. As added reinforcement, I'll have it screwed in to wall studs thru several concealed button holes.

I'll be posting the finished piece once it is complete in a couple of weeks.


ClothesMinded said...

Oh my goodness...I cannot wait to see the finished product. Someone's going to have sweet dreams with that behind their head!

A Lifestyle Thing said...

Thanks Rachel!! I'm pretty sure they will have some sweet dreams too!
xo, Sharon

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