Thursday, October 15, 2009

Sneak Peak of Mod Gypsy Blitz

This just in: Deeply. in love. with Sesha's painterly photography as seen here. I have more gypsy jewels from this shoot to share with all of you, but am keeping them in their jewel box for a special segment that will appear very soon...{to be announced}

This photo shoot was a huge amount of work for Sesha and me. Several mini meetings {in between our normal work days}, scouting drives, phone calls, prop and fashion sourcing, all day set-up, light testing, night shooting, breakdown, and drop-offs, and for sesha all the editing that goes with this as well.

...SO well worth all the effort! And with the large crew of people, I'm still amazed that we all somehow managed to dodge the masses of heavy walnuts that were dropping all around us due to heavy winds.

A huge thank you to Cyndy and John Platz and family for most graciously sharing their home, beautiful property, their handmade 15th Century Reproduction German tent, and one of the most gorgeous trees you'll ever see in your life. The branches must span 75 feet outwardly and parallel to the ground.

Also, thank you to the amazingly beautiful group of Sesha's friends who volunteered their time and fun! Great people!!
Thank you to my family for all their help at the shoot as well. Will, Charlie and Eleanor. And baby Sylvie too.

Thanks Sesha!!

I'll post a bit later about a give away.

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