Friday, October 16, 2009

Bird Giveaway + Friday's eat, play, love list

Bird Give-Away {No, it's not FOR the birds, & no, it's not a butterball turkey from the office, which might be next month's}

For all the followers who are deeply interested in a lifestyle thing (my blog), listen up! I'm hosting my first give away. I have made a set of three Taylor-Made silhouettes for your home or office window display (each one is different + a bit quirky...see the large one above). Here's the drill and it's not an impossible chore...Sign up to follow me and you'll be in the running. deadline: we'll see.

The Friday eat, play, love list:
I love black and white decor, and usually always incorporate this color scheme into my halloween decor...doilies repurposed in black are sheer eddie ross genius. A little more silhouette love too.

{images via curious sofa, a lifestyle thing, eddie ross, apartment therapy, bliss}

May your Happy-Nest be feathered this weekend!

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