Wednesday, February 8, 2012

#1RoomChallenge: Week 4

Hi Everyone.  It's the #1RoomChallenge again.  Thank you so much for coming to see my progress.  This is week 4 of 6. I'm pretty sure I'm the last of the bloggers to post for the day.  I always have good intentions to get it up earlier in the day, but dilly-uh-dally stuff gets in the way!

 I figured since I'm last on the list below, maybe no one really gets to mine until a day later anyway, right {If at all....ha!}?  I DO so much appreciate all of your feedback.  It's really keeping me from abandoning it all together.  Just kidding. I really am enjoying it.  It's a fun project with it's challenges.  To see my three previous posts, you can go here and here and here.

I'm starting to freak out that several things still haven't shipped out yet, but maybe I should just focus on what we DO have.  

Remember the mucky green chinoise cabinet?

I decided to give it the Lizard Green Benjamin Moore High gloss.

I was actually green with envy when I saw the final product.  It turned out better than we imagined.  The picture I took here is way blown out because I took the photo while it was laying flat in the back of the truck on a really sunny day right before it was delivered to the client's house.

Then the navy queen anne chairs got their "frost-n-tips" this week.  Doesn't it look like they are wearing the caps from the old hair frosting kits?  I imagined that the queen anne twin chairs felt pretty proud of themselves that they were getting pampered these past few weeks. 

They also got a round-about trimming of tacked edging.   My upholsterer only charged $75 for both chairs to be blinged-ified out like that.  Say what?!  

Here's the next chair makeover.  This chair will be used as the secretary chair.  I'd say it's a victorian chair.  Probably one of a set of six or eight dining chairs.  This one would surely be a king or queen chair.  That or some type of chess playing chair, haha!  I paid more than I would usually pay for this type of side chair.  But because this one just looked so stately and solid, I had to have it!  I have a thing for royal looking stuff.  

I think it was something like $185 to begin with.  

Stripped down to it's skivvies or royal undergarments {if you will}. SOILED foam.

This fabric for the seat cushion was found at my local wholesale fabric store.  It's a waverly outdoor fabric.  I chose to use the wrong side out to give it a more matte looking effect.  And then, we'll be using the other side of this very same fabric for the window treatments.  I'm hoping this will help me give a layering of different textures, all while using the same tone on tones.  

Meanwhile, here is a rough snapshot of what's been brought in thus far.  

It's a lot of different colors.  Am I crazy? Will you ever even come back to visit my page?  I won't hold it against you if you don't. But is there anything you DO like about what you see?  I would love to hear your thoughts.  I know it's not for everyone.  Actually it IS for everyone.  I'm now breaking into song in hopes that you'll be charmed by my praise songs for god, if not by the mere sight of what you see here...
"All the children of the world.  Red, and yellow, black, and white."

Are you laughing or chiming in with my song here?  

  Yes, it's many styles.  I may be trying WAY too hard.  "Early American-made-mod. Chinoise. Bohemian.  French. Indian. Persian."  I may need to add some russian, african, brazilian...No, It's not going to go too much further, because you know I can only go so far with a baby in tow, and a beat up van.   I love  melting pots though.  That's what I feel this room is.  What are your favorite blends of melting pots?

So, if you don't like this week's post, maybe you'll like next week's?? It's all about the drape design and where I found my inspirations.  In the meantime, visit my facebook fan page at Pickwick House.  I'm starting a contest soon.  I invite you to "like" it to be in the running.  Or follow me on twitter where I do daily updates.  Thanks in advance for coming.   If you've made it to the end of this post, I'm beyond humbled and jumbled with excitement and will ask you now if

you've checked out the other blogger's posts yet?  If not, be sure and do that.  There are some really good ones.  Great writers/decorators/and people who explain their processes very beautifully and fully, unlike me.

{Apologies for my rambling late night post.  I've been up WAY too late.}

Suzzanne ~ Saved by Suzy


My Crafty Home-Life said...

I like almost everything, and I will reserve judgement until the final for the one thing I am not sure of. First, that rug...killer gorgeous. The navy chairs with the white tips...lovely. The Jacobean chair with the reverse fabric...stunning. The secretary, already told you last week...crazy good. That high gloss green is so fresh. I am so curious how your bedding will work and what you decided to do for a headboard?

Anonymous said...

I LOVE it all! The coral secretary, the green cabinet, the blinged out blue chairs, the victorian chair - really love them all. Can't wait to see it come together!

Janet @ House Four said...

This room just makes me HAPPY!! I love all the colours together and wish I was so bold to live with a room like this. I think it would make me smile every time I walked in.
One thing...I think this room is more a MOSAIC than a melting pot. A melting pot assumes everything loses it's individuality to fit in with the rest. In a mosaic, everything gets to speak for itself and maintain it's unique attributes. And that's what I love about what you're doing here :)
Also...I want those chairs.

A Lifestyle Thing said...

Linda, let me guess what you don't like. The wall color? Thanks for liking my stuff. As far as how the bed will turn out...I'm anxious to see it too. Time has flown and I've got a lot left to do!

A Lifestyle Thing said...

Jadyn, Thanks so much for liking my stuff. I can't wait to catch up on everybody's posts tonight. I wrote mine last night at 1am and then couldn't go to sleep after that, because this room challenge is running thru my head so hard! I probably shouldn't write and think about it right before bed because then I go over all the endless scenarios or possibilities and can't stop.. Ugh. It's fun though!

A Lifestyle Thing said...

Janet, you just made my day. Seriously! Thank you!! I'm so glad to know it's a mosaic instead of a melting shmelting pot. That sounds so much artsier. Gosh, just THANK YOU.

Janet @ House Four said...

Well I think it is! But's whatevEr you want it to be! I just totally love it :)

Nicole said...

It looks sooo amazing. I wish I had your vision (or could afford your vision, ha!). I'm not sure if you've answered this on the blog before: do you do your own painting, or do you hire it out? I have a dining table that needs some treatment, and didn't know if it was worth tackling myself or trying to find someone to do it for me.

insideways said...

You know what? This post was kind of crazy and your room is a little crazy, but both in the best ways! That's awesome. I *really* like the mix you've got going on and I totally have faith that it's going to work in the end :)

Kim said...

I love all the color and appreciate Janet's term of "mosaic" ... I have just added that to my design vocabulary! The pieces you are using are beautiful and I can't wait to see how it comes out!

The Pink Pagoda said...

That green Benjamin Moore paint is unbelievable! I would be happy looking at that all day. Really great choice!!

A Lifestyle Thing said...

Thank you so much Janet! Nicole, I used to do a lot of my own painting but now I hire it out. On the secretary, I used two different painters. The large patterned painting was done by a muralist. If you ever need guidance or services, please let me know! Good luck!

A Lifestyle Thing said...

Heather, thanks for making my day! Yes, I'm a bit crazy. Just glad it is coming across in a good way to you and anyone else that appreciates a little bit of color.

thank you!!

A Lifestyle Thing said...

Kim, Thanks for your sweet comments. I fell in love with the word mosaic too! That term ALMOST attaches to this "method of madness" I've got going on here. HA! Thanks so much for stopping in.

A Lifestyle Thing said...

Jennifer, I am so glad you like the green color I chose for the cabinet. I contemplated the green for quite a while and am so glad I got it right. It is a really happy color!

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