Sunday, February 12, 2012

Happy Warm-Filled Sunday!

I wanted to pop into to share this sneak peek of my mother-in-law's dining room that I designed.

{Flowers by the Orchid Lady}

This is a spot where LOVE resides for me and my family.  A family safe-place for long, relaxed conversations, meals cooked with love, and lazy Sundays.  

Do you have a spot that makes you feel soft and warm in your heart like this?  Your grandparents, your parents, or even your own home?

I hope you're having one of these types of Sundays!



Purple Flowers said...

The place where I feel most soft and warm is in our living room. Candles abound and the ambience is warm and comforting.

Kim said...

Sharon, I gave you a Liebster Award! Check out my blog!

A Lifestyle Thing said...

How exciting Kim. Thank you! Happy Monday to you!!

A Lifestyle Thing said...

Purple Flowers, that sounds so nice! Especially on a night like this. We have had a really snowy cold day here. Hope you're cozy! Thank you for stopping in!

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