Wednesday, February 15, 2012

One Room Challenge: Week 5

And week five of the #1RoomChallenge is here.  This week's post was supposed to be about the drapes.  The drapes are done.   But the valances have gone back to the drawing board for a final edit.  So needless to say I won't have any pictures to show you of final drape installations for this week's post.  But, wait, don't stop reading.  The tail end of the post is better than any project I could ever have done or will do.  So, read on!

Okay, so the valances I designed were pretty experiential and not completely thought out, but I know they will be well worth it right?  They are exactly what I wanted for my client, and heck, for any room I would design...indoor or out.

The picture above is the template my mural painter drew up for the wrap around fretwork she painted on the salmon colored secretary.  You can see the secretary in the previous post here.  Anyway, I decided to use the bottom part of this same template for the scalloped valance design. 

And below is my inspiration for the valance design.  Take note of the darling scallops across the top of this outdoor room.

via pinterest
I have to admit that I did a "No, no thing".  I had the valance design drawn up and given to the seamstress before we found out the exact, EXACT dimensions of the cornice boards.  Reason being, I got a little ahead of myself with this 6 week time crunch looming over me.  Another testament to the phrase "good things can't be rushed".

Fact is, I had no idea that the seamstress would work as fast as she did at sewing them up.  She had them all completely sewn up before the cornice board dimensions were set in place.  So, naturally, the valance strips were about 1 inch too short on each side..with no hope for changing the sizing of the cornice board dimensions...due to the hardware bracket depths.

When does it ever happen that the seamstress works too fast?!  This seamstress doesn't work with a workroom, obviously.  Although she could, because she's that good!  Back to my original point...workrooms are extremely, extremely slow. For example, workrooms around here are backed up at least 8-12 weeks!  I'd be curious to hear what they are like for anyone else out there?  Other designers, what are you used to working with?

As you can see, I'm going to be real hard pressed to have the whole room done by next week.   The pillows have not arrived from the manufacturer.  And when I call the manufacturer every other week, they tell me that they are waiting for them to arrive off the ship {from Sweden} any day now.  Which will probably be another ten years from now.  The pillows are the clinchers and sinchers to this room.

And, yes, the whole other half of the room is still needing some major fluffage.  Still no bed screen yet.  The lamps need cool shades.  Monogramming needs to be done on pillow shams....blah, blah, blah!  I know I'm boring you with all the details.  This is not at all unlike most projects I do, though.   Just want you to know that patient attitudes are definitely needed with projects and works of art that are unique and not just purchased from the big box stores.

Since the valances are white, I designed them to be detachable and washable with velcro backings.    

Okay, so here above is a pic of my cobbled together approach...the Benjamin Moore "gentle breeze" wall color, the waverly drapes, the Sharon Taylor Designs valance {at top}  Do you see it up there?  Like or not like?  Swatch color of the secretary, and that tapestry is a new find I got at a recent fancy estate sale.  It's from France and I think it'll match the "fresh-take secretary" pretty well.   My inspiration for this room comes from the central and middle eastern styles and also from textile designer John Robshaw, with whom I have a slight-mad crush on.  

Speaking of the name John, here's another John that is my main crush for life. He mellows my storms and approves all my paint choices. He comes to work with me everyday and smiles at everyone and accepts that he sometimes has to sleep in his car seat in the back bathroom {my explanation will take too long}.   I don't know how much longer he will want to keep hanging with crazy ol' me, so I try to savor every moment he's in my arms... because I know that time will fly, he'll become papa's boy soon, go to school, and then he'll be a teenager before I snap my fingers.


My Crafty Home-Life said...

If it were a contest...and it is won!! That beautiful boy is better than any old dumb room. By the way, I was unsure about your choice of wall I get it!! I am looking forward to the finish, whenever it comes. My son is 11 and once in a while, he still likes to hang with me. There is nothing like a son.

Emily said...

Okay..before any other room comments I just have to say I LOVED seeing your little guy...partner in DIY crime...what a cutie!! They do grow up so first is entering high school next year! I am a huge fan of the valance. I love the results but hate the process of getting the results with anything to do with measuring and sewing!

Anonymous said...

I love your valance design and seeing a sneak peek of the valance and fabric for drapes together. Can't wait to see it up next week! And your little John is soooo cute! How fun that you have him around when you're working, he looks so happy!

Kim said...

Sharon, I love the scalloped valance ... can't wait ... and yes, the good things do take a little longer. And well worth the wait! Enjoy every moment of that precious boy ... it does zoom by while we look away. Love that John Robshaw too ... wish I could travel with him!

My Crafty Home-Life said...

Hey, I left a it in your spam?

A Lifestyle Thing said...

Linda, sorry I've been too busy to publish your sweet comments. On blogger, I have the button set to moderate comments before publishing on my settings because if I don't...these awful porn spammer comments go thru the roof on my blog. Funny how those are the main comments I get. Just one more thing I don't have time to tend to. What is up with that? I've never looked into who/what/where?

Anyway, the beautiful comments like yours, I sure do like to read! I didn't know you had an 11 year old boy. I have an 12 year old son too. My boys are so sweet and affectionate. And yes, boys are the best!

A Lifestyle Thing said...

Emily, you cannot have one entering high school! You look way too young! Yes, they do grow up fast. My oldest graduates from high school this spring. Hard to believe. I'm glad you like my valance. I've been too busy with things this week to even look at the other posts. I usually find time on Sundays. I can't wait to see what your room is looking like. Fab I'm sure! Happy Saturday!


A Lifestyle Thing said...

Jadyn, Thanks! Yes, my little John-John is a great helper. He's the most mellow baby. I don't get things done as fast, but it sure is worth it to have him around. Happy Saturday! I can't wait to check out your post for this week!

A Lifestyle Thing said...

Kim, thanks for liking the valance! I love that you love John Robshaw too. He's pretty cute and I wouldn't mind riding on a camel with him! Looking SO forward to seeing your amazing room. It's gotta feel so good to get a nice new family room like that! Happy Saturday!


Anonymous said...

Great pics:) I really like your much nice inspiration...I wish you a lovely day.

LOVE Maria at

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