Wednesday, January 25, 2012

One Room Challenge: Week 2

Hi all.  It's week number two here of the one room challenge!  Last Wednesday I shared with you the 'before" pictures of the room I'm well as some sketches for structures/things I thought the room needed.  To see that post, go here.  This week, I'm here to share my inspirations.  

I put together the room inspiration board above.  It all started with two amazing chairs that my sister found for me at a yard sale down in Branson, MO {second home to country music...which, I think Branson made it's name known in a phrase from the movie "Horse Whisperer" with Robert Redford, and Kristen Scott Thompson}.   But ....ME....I'm just a hop skip and a jump from there.  A little town called Springfield, MO.  Brad Pitt's hometown. Not that these are facts too relative to design, but moreover facts that relate to BEAUTY, and "hollywood-ish excellence", which I'm hoping to accomplish with this here room.

Pretty vintage blue velvet.  In great shape.  

1. serious cleaning by my rug cleaner.  
2.  Wood to be painted white. {white paint just makes it much more slick!}
3.  Tacks to be added to all of the edging {we all know that tacks just look MMmmm..}

I'm going to make it look somewhat like this beautiful and AW-mazing chair that Aerin Lauder sits in pictured here below {from one of the most recent issues of House Beautiful.}

Okay, so the client's bedroom is grey.  I know grey is a current color and it's pretty much a great color, but I'm tired of doing it in every single client's bedroom.  I want to give the room a facelift that refreshes and says "HELLO!".
SO, I chose Benjamin Moore's finest aura paint in their Gentle Breeze from their Preview deck.  Sort of a minty-greenish-soft-robins-egg-blue.  

 As you can see, and I WARN you, this room is going to be colorful.  

STYLE: Mixed Eastern style, meets Classic English, Meets Early American goes to Hollywood with a dash of Branson salt and peppa.  YES, it's one where the client trusts me completely.  EEEK.  I love it.  And, you know I really just hope you love it too when it's done.

APPROACH:   Sometimes I have a set, clear plan, but usually, it's a piece by piece experiential approach where I'll be mixing and layering styles, colors, textures, eras, flea market finds, and online products.  I'm sticking mostly by the inspiration board however.

The minty blue on the door will be the color of my walls.   And the red-ish tone will come into play with the oriental rug I found pictured below. 

This rug is pretty, huh?  I will be pulling some unexpected colors and textiles to join in with it.  
Love the idea of mixing salmons, corals, peaches, greens, blues.  Also going to add a screen behind the dark headboard.  I may add a painted embellishment to the screen.  NOt sure yet

God is a designer.  How did he think to make rocks not boring?

I found an early american secretary, but who's to say it needs to stay early american?  Why not twist it into hollywood mod?  Pushing the envelope with my attempt to twist two eras together.  

Beautiful, huh?  Did you notice the reflection of the chair in the mirror?  This reminds me of an old dutch painting.

IKAT.  A Little boho style.  Always good in any room.  

Miles Redd...the unorthodox king.  Traditionally rooted.

Beautiful figs.  I'm going to turn them inside out.  

LOVE the plum against the greenish-blue walls.

Great color scheme.

LOVE Olatz Schnabel's sheets.

BLUE and WHITE ware.  I'm hoping to bring a lot of it in.  Deeply rooted in chinoise-chic.  

More to come from Branson/Springfield next week, including floor plans, elevations and a curve towards "box office" records.  HA! 

Be sure to check everyone else's progress.  That's where I'm headed now...  


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Janet @ House Four said...

Wow! This room looks like a LOT of fun to work on.
I've always thout figs are just the perfect colour combination.
Can't ait to see it all come together :)

My Crafty Home-Life said...

I would never have thought these combinations. Now that you lay it out...I get it! In fact, you have given me courage to paint a few splashes of other colors, too. I am looking forward to next week.

insideways said...

Oh my gosh can I have those chairs? Actually they look like long lost cousins to the couch in my living room. I'm really excited about your color choices!

The Pink Pagoda said...

Those colors are amazing. And I can't wait to see the blue and white porcelain added!!

Tiffany @ {Living Savvy} said...

This is going to be a beautiful room! I LOVE and want to STEAL the chairs! The nailhead will really add jazz to the chair!

Meeha Meeha said...

I love the inspiration board. And the jewel tones. And the boho pillow!

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