Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Nursery DESIGN

Not sure of the Source? Help.

Pickwick House

I'm working on a nursery design for a little girls room.  I love the sweet little nursery at the top. I think those chinoiserie cabinets are really pretty and not so expected.  I love the calm, soothing nature of the room. When I ran across this image, I was reminded of the cabinet I have for sale at the shop.   It's still for sale.  And, it's still a really sweet deal. I hope to sell this design to my client for her nursery.

So far, this turquoise dresser is the only piece we have for sure for the room...  And the crib, of course.  This one, above, will be used as a changing station.  I just love not only the color of the piece, but the hardware especially.  Although, I'm really drawn to the soothing whites.

Found on One King's Lane
Here's another piece I love. LOVING the classic lines and sweet little slipper feet it has.  It looks more sophisticated and slightly too serious for this girl.  But mixed with some fun, and funky lamps + wall art, I think it would be darling.
John William {Jack}

Amy Pennington Photography

Amy Pennington came to the shop to photograph our bubba Jack.

I love this little guy...and can't wait for my client to welcome her new little girl.

Have a swell day.



Anonymous said...

Look at that head of hair!! The BEST.

Anonymous said...

Love this post! I just finished Baby Girl's room, and even though it's not what I initially had in mind, it's amazing how quickly it became my favorite room in the house! Can't wait to meet your little guy!

--Nicole C.

jayteewo said...

What a fabulous turquoise dresser!

Rachel said...

Oh, Sharon, he's GORGEOUS!

DueAlberi said...

great work and lovely pictures!

Latrice said...

I love everything about your blog Sharon!! You are very creative!!!

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