Thursday, August 18, 2011

back in the saddle again

Windsor Smith Foyer
                                                            LOVE that settee up there!!

Hi All!  I apologize for the long, long absence.  I hope you're doing well!  I've missed you!

With the new little addition to our family and the end of summer nearing, we've been soaking up all we can of baby and also getting settled into new activities with the school year fast approaching.

This little break has given way to a much longer list of to-do's.  Top of the list is to find new, cool things for my clients and the shop.

Here is a picture below, of a table I found at a flea market.  I loved the lines of the legs, but hated the look of the wood, and the wing-top... reminiscent to me of the 1980's shaker style that was so popular.  The lines of the legs reminded me of the french benches I'm seeing in a lot of the magazines right now, though.  So, I de-winged the table with a screwdriver,  painted the legs white, added a 2" foam cushion, a durable steel grey colored fabric, and brass tacks.  What do you think?

Wing-Top Flea Market Table
{Re-Invented bench at Pickwick House}

I think the bench would be great for a bathroom, extra seating for a living room, a bench to pull up to a desk or even as bedside table with a mirrored tray on top.  

Will and his mom spent an entire blistering-hot, 103 degree, July day at an auction purchasing some really great items from a house that was still fully decorated with antiques and vintage finds.  The house was also auctioned and I had so much fun peeking at its 1960's decor done by one local designer, complete with flocked wall-paper and matching drapes/valances.  Such a gem.

Anyway, I'm busy as a bee getting some of those auction pieces re-worked and upholstered for the "Fall Into Style" opening at Pickwick House on September 8, 9, & 10th.  I hope all you locals can make it.   I'

I love re-working pieces.  And, I love the step by step design process for making custom pieces out of something no one else would care to envision.  Do you have any pieces like this in your own home that you are proud of and want to share?  Please post to the facebook Page or send me an email!

Going back up to the top of this post, I have to say I'm obsessed with Windsor Smith's room pictured at top.   Obsessed mostly with that settee.  I have decided to attempt to build it.  It may end up being a failed attempt.  But, I've got to get it out of my system.  Using an old coffee table from the auction, I'm going to work with my handy, dandy upholsterer to try to achieve that look.  Stay tuned for that re-do.

And, in case you're wondering, yes, I am working again..  Please feel free to call me or stop in if you have any need for a decorator! xx  sharon

I'll leave you with the August Pickwick House newsletter,


Rachel said...

CONGRATS on Baby John! I can't wait to meet him at your Open House ;)

Kathryn said...

You rock at re-working pieces. Also, the foyer looks amazing! I love black and white, so the setup definitely appeals to me.

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