Thursday, September 8, 2011

2011 Interior Design Award: Office {Sharon Taylor of Pickwick House}

Hi All!  Could the weather be any more invigorating and inspiring?  I hope it'll put a pep in your step to come into Pickwick House today thru Saturday for our "FALL into Style" Open House.

My interns have been busy helping me ready the store while I work on more design projects outside of Pickwick House.  I'm so happy to have five interns joining me this fall!  I could still use two more art + design students to join in for our fall and winter window installations.  Qualification Must-Haves:  must be a hard worker who is passionate about hunting for the unconventional objects to weave and create a storied window.  Please email me if you are interested.

Photos by Randy Colwell
I'm so proud to share my 417 Mag's winning interior design award with you.   Here are a couple of pics from the online version of the magazine....and here's the link.   To see a better overall room image, take a peak at the September issue of 417 Home, now on newsstands {p. 70}.    I'm a little sad to say it, but...we're already moving on with this office.  It actually was recently just disassembled to become a little girls nursery.  That's the good news! I hope to share that soon.

Special Thanks to my intern, {now assistant}, Hillary Ellison and my two older sons who helped me load up a truck load of props to use for this photo shoot, on one of the very hottest days in July, I might add.  You may not realize it, but a lot of work goes into preparing a room for a photo shoot.  It took all day to get things situated just right for every angle of that lens.

Hope to see you today!  Bubba Jack will be here with me.  He's one of my best-natured babies, so be sure to come say hi.


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