Thursday, July 14, 2011

Summer Buzz

Hi All!  How's everybody fairing in the hot, hot heat? I've been meaning to post for awhile now, but things have gotten crazy backed up with many appointments booked before I have baby.  Some fun ones that I can't wait to share.  I really love the clients I'm working with. New and Old.

If you'd like to see some snippets of the summer soiree I threw at Pickwick House, I just noticed that Elsie blogged a sweet little post about it here.  Thank you, Elsie!  It was an honor to have you and Emma and Mallory there to help us celebrate wedding season and summer entertaining!!

13 days til due date.   I'm getting all day-dreamy wondering about what our little guy is going to look like.  As you know, I have two great sons already...{one taller than me and one inching up on me by the minute} by my former husband.

This baby boy is a first for Will.  So, I'm loving Will's excitement for this big first-moment to arrive for him.  Not to mention Syl's three year-old lovey-dovey affection towards the baby in my belly too.


Okay, sneak peak of a quick-quick-quick project I'm in the midst of.  I haven't even put together an inspiration board yet, but am wanting the vibe to be rustic-cottage meets modern funk. 

Installation completion date will be mid-week, with a photo shoot also mid-week for a home profile in a local magazine.

And, to throw more grunt-work-moving-furniture fun into my last days of pregnancy, one of my projects will be photographed for an interior design award next week.  Luckily, the home-owner is an OBGYN and can deliver my baby if I go into labor.

A potting shed/wine tasting room

Interior of Shed:  Love the herringbone brick floor, but we're looking at breaking up {softening up} some of this brick

Hansel and Gretel Door: Rough Sawn Cedar Door
Sketch-up I did for wood cabinetry being custom built on two walls 
Wanting to hard-coat paint this jack-and-the-beanstalk-boy
pedestal table {must for the tiny space}

The one we purchased yesterday.  LOVE the base!

A chair option??

Chair inspiration {source: HGTV design star}

Boxes for storing Bird Seed.  Going to add castor wheels to the bottoms
Burlap Coffee Sac Cloth to be used for custom made pillows and wall panels

Trying to figure out a rustic-chic-wall panel design to go on back wall.  Print side?  Plain side???

This is what I decided on:  No print + BIG tacks. 6'x4' double panels to soften the interior + Taylor-ize the walls
Wall Panels with Tacked edging inspiration.  Mary McDonald does no wrong with tacks.  I LOVE tacked edging on anything!!

Stay tuned for tinier updates!


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