Monday, July 4, 2011

Just Chill! {July Birthdays}

Hi all.  Hope your 4th of July day is swell and not just swell-tering hot.  We've really been having a relaxing few days, with food, fireworks and water.  I hope you are too!

                                       {sylvie in her ruffled bottomed suit by our stock tank}

I went flea marketing with Will, his mom, and Sylvie yesterday and we came home with a truck load of fun projects {spray paint and upholstering jobs}.

I was so worn out yesterday, especially after this past week of work, that I actually took a big nap {a rare thing for me to do} to rest up for our little baby-greet-and-meet.  It's funny, how at the end of pregnancy, the weight really wears you down. Will's mom has been spoiling us with good food and fun as usual though, and this morning there was a sweet neighborhood parade that started and ended at her wonderful house and back yard with popsicles + watermelon + bubbles + water balloons.

I've been feeling a real urge to nest at our house.  There is so much that I want to get done before the little guy arrives. We just rearranged all the rooms and everything is still waiting to find its place.  Will has done so much at the house lately.  Adding crown molding, rebuilding the front porch, and continuing on with his great landscaping.  I'm so proud of what he does.

But, there are the little things that I notice and want to move on with before the big day.  I try to stay chill about these things, but I guess it's the nervousness thing that I get at the end.  We still have a table saw in the front room.  It might need to be replaced with a crib, rocker, baby clothes, and some dust-free floors.  With less than three weeks away, i'm ready for the fresh paint to dry and the great gust of sweet baby's breath to infiltrate...I can hardly wait for that goodness to blow thru our doors.

I'm also planning on setting up nursery at the shop.  So, for those of you who've been wondering if I'm taking time off, the answer is mostly "no".  I wish I could take a small breather, but it will be time to get back to work right away to keep the ship running...Baby in tow, because I'll be a nursing mama.

Thanks so much for listening to my long, and restless rambles.  I appreciate all of you so much!!!

Will is off to buy sprinklers.  They are my favorite fourth of july thing.

Have a chill day!!


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