Wednesday, December 29, 2010

What to do?

The building is supposed to be finished in a little over two weeks.  In the mean time, I'm busy figuring out what to do with everything...shuffling, and scuffling my feet on things, furniture, and becoming a more organized business girl, which shocks me every now and then, because it won't be long 'til I have a legitimate space. 

I've been picking up furniture to take to the upholsterer, cleaning up messes, and rearranging my house with all the fun, new stuff.  We did a photo shoot of my freshly painted white living room that was stylized with some of the things I'll be carrying in the store.   Hopefully I'll be able to share the pictures soon. 

The first picture above is a piece of furniture before I took hold of it. Pressed wood.  I know.  It's really ugly as is, but I promise you, it's s.i.c.k. how good it turned out after a visit with some lacquer paint.  It's a wet bar cabinet with ambient lighting and an inset mirrored back.  I'll reveal it once I get her in her sweet place.

One thing I'm trying to decide for the store, is what to do with the floor.  It's been stripped down to the concrete, and I originally wanted to leave it all natural concrete and glaze it over with a polish.  Unfortunately, the concrete is not leveled in a lot of places, so it will have to be patched with quick crete, sanded, and most likely painted.  What color though?  The walls will probably be white.  Should I also do a white floor with a black geometric pattern, possibly?  The patterning would most likely be expensive.  So, what would you do?  What color?  I'm all ears.  If you have any inspiration pictures, I'd love to see them, too!

Good day to you all!


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