Tuesday, December 14, 2010

SugarPlums: Logo Reveal + Before & After Project

Hello Dear Ones.  In the hustle and bustle of the holidays, I hope you are taking time to really enjoy the season and treating yourselves and your loved ones with good cheer.  I'll be honest, I'll really hope I don't wake up January 1st, and feel like I've lost the time to really feel the glow and warmth of the season.  While I'm trying to keep the family traditions for my kids, my mind is so full of many decisions right now.  I am not only working my day job, but trying to get my new space off the ground, as well as oversee-ing the renovation process.  Some days are hairy, and can  be painfully slow with a toddler, but I have to say, I am seeing progress...sugarplums, are what I like to call them. 

Mostly, I call them sugarplums because they are "done" and crossed off my list.  That's one of the better feelings in life, isn't it?  I read the latest REAL SIMPLE, that said even making your bed every morning makes you happier.

To start with, is a chair make-over that's been in the works for a good long while now.  Finally getting it together, I did this project in three steps.

`1.  High Gloss Paint...I skipped priming, and boy was I sorry.  I think we did like ten coats all together over the cherry stained wood.

2.  I oxidized some mirrors.  Oxidizing is so easy!  All you need is Muriatic Acid, Gel-like Stripper, and some grey craft paint.  Lowes and Hobby Lobby purchase cost around $20 for materials. I still have plenty of these materials left for doing more oxidizing projects. Oh, and don't forget rubber gloves.   After I oxidized the mirrors outdoors, I took the chair and mirror to the glass shop and had their staffers cut the mirrors to fit just inside the oddly shaped geometric shaped side panels of the chair.  The glass company glued them in for me perfectly!

3.  I have a good friend from college who is an artist/college professor that does upholstering on the side.  She does such a great job and is inexpensive compared to most upholsterers.  Lucky me!

I went with a heavy weight cotton/linen blend and paired it with a black gimp and nickel brushed tacks. 

And, finally, my new logo reveal.  Created by my cousin Laura's husband, Brett Key.  He is a graphic designer by day and a freelancer by night.  He's been so patient with me...because I honestly, sometimes have the hardest time settling on one design.

What do you think? Would love to hear what you think!  What projects are you working on right now.  Do share.

xo and remember to feel the glow of the season!



Hammocks and High Tea said...

Brilliant before and after! Love it! I might need to get the name of that upholsterer! That's my current project (still in my head)...finding the perfect couch for the playroom. I think I'm going to reupholster cause I just can't find what I'm looking for. Will be blogging about it soon at http://lovelychaos.typepad.com.

Anne Living Life said...

Hi Sharon,

Wondering if you'd share the name of your upholsterer? I'd love a local (inexpensive) source.

Your new logo is great! I used to work with Brett so I know he & Laura. And I think I found your blog through Design*Sponge a while back. Can't wait to see your new showroom!

Anne McCormick

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