Monday, December 27, 2010

It's a Wonderful Life

Sometimes I must be reminded of my blessings. During this pause at the end of the year I have had time to reflect, read, watch, and question what goes on in this world and what also goes on in my children's we've all encountered hardships, indifference and hatred. What has touched me more than anything this year, is this Alice: one woman's life testimony {a video clip that was introduced to me on facebook of all places, through a fellow interior designer, Irene Turner}. Alice is a shining beacon of Hope. Optimism. Love.

While I leave you with this inspiring story, that had me completely moved and choked up, I must also share a few other things that will hopefully move you and move all of us to LOVE life and all others more fully.

1. A memoir called "I Will plant You a Lilac Tree." by Laura Hillman. This book was recommended to me by my daughter and is an account of a Schindler's List survivor.

2. Did anyone watch "The Sound of Music" on t.v. last night? Even though I've seen it a thousand times, I see something new in it everytime.

3. Every year on Christmas Eve, my mom would read to all of us kids, the tale of "The Little Match Girl". Never once, did mom finish the story without tearing up or weeping a little. It's a moving danish story of a struggling homeless girl at Christmas.

4. "Life is Beautiful".

5. One of my mom's quotes: "Never criticize, condemn, or complain."

Happy Holidays and may we all find the music.

With Love,

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