Thursday, October 21, 2010

Pretty Little Things + Behind The Scenes at ST. Designs

I am finally figuring out how to enlarge photos on the blog. All by accident, of course.  My kids shutter at how much I don't know.  "Seriously, mom!"
Here are a few noteworthy inspirations below....Three to be exact, from my trip to NY.  I seriously stood and studied the seductive Ralph Lauren vignette, pictured below, for a good half an hour.  I loved everything about it... The rich, deep jeweled tones in the oil painting and how it pared so well with the vibrant red velvet upholstered headboard/side rail.  I also couldn't get over the funky, split personality chair {as my friend Meg called it}. It's two opposite fabrics give it such a fresh take on a wonderfully sculpted Old World chair design!  
I have so many little truffles in my little camera box...just like these, so I think it only appropriate to hand them to you in small doses. Because they are so rich, no?!  
Ralph Lauren's Showroom @ ABC Carpet and Home!  {INCREDS!!}
Well, what do you think?

AND...CAN I have you, you STUNNINGly beautiful original upholsteried Settee?  PLEASE, come to me!
Cutest shop I have ever seen.  Called "The Best Chocolate Cake in the World" SOHO. 
Beautiful Foyer of a house I've been consulting on. I decorated for Halloween on the credenza with the homeowner's things. The home is being renovated and is GORGEOUS!
Giving it a go on oxidizing mirrors.  I am going to attempt to make a wall of oxidized mirrors.
Vases for a dinner party.  The tablescape theme was "Mysterious".  I collaborated on with Kendra of Lonie Mae...{should have pictures soon of the end result.}
Contemplating the purchase of a quite seductive gypsy painting.  She stands seven feet tall and appears to have a gun in her holster? ..very Darrell Carter-ish style.
 Taylor Made pillows are made to order.  These just came in and  I sold four out of five to the first customer I showed them to today!
My sister Rosie, threw a shower for a Mom to be of Twins!
Niece Goldie siting on Pinkie Velvet Chair
Rosie had the cutest decor... Miniature babies in bunkbeds on the cake!!  INCREDS!
Wish my camera could show you that the stork brought two darling dears.
Hope you all have a fantastic Friday and MUCHO fun festivities to you all on this weekend before the weekend of Halloween!


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Kay said...

lovely photo!
it can be very tricky to run a blog. it all comes with patience and being stubborn with things until u figure them out! that's how I do it:)

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