Thursday, October 7, 2010

NY, I love you.

Hi everybody!  I retired my hillbilly wagon {Honda Odyssey, '01} for a week...and went to New York City.  I'll be uploading some fun and inspiring ideas that I collected on our {sister and cousin} and "work" trip. 

The BIG Highlights

1.  Celebrating with the RUE girls for the toast to their new, hip on-line magazine.
2.  Sister Julie's jam-packed opening exhibition 
3.  Matisse Show at the MOMA
4.  London Terrace Street Market
5.  Curious shopping in my fave design show rooms, boutiques, and WINDOWS too!

1.  Celebrating with the RUE girls for the toast to the launch of their new on-line magazine.  I love these girls!
                       2.  Attending Julie's opening exhibition with my sisters and cousin Laura. Missing a few special people that we would've loved to have had along with us.  Mom and Dad, of course...but Philip, Andrew, Jeanie, Lizzie, and Frank. You guys, too, are a part of the "charming chaos" in Julie's work. 
 3.  Matisse' show.  Really was a high...and so many sighs.
4.  We were told by a wonderful New Yorker not to miss The London Terrace Street Market that this street fair is a must-go-to for thrifters.  It is a once a year deal and boy, did us sisters and Laura load up.  We loaded up some killer antiques {pictured below}..they almost all fit perfectly in our luggage.  All for Millie's stylish dollhouse back home, that is.

So...our feet walked and walked through the West Village and Soho to all the spots but two...more to share on this.
Rosie, Millie, and me pictured below at ABC carpet and home's sixth floor.                
Biggest highlight was probably though, at the end of the hard working day of curious minding and winding, our rewinding with good wine and Rosie's foot rubs in our tiny room at The Jane Hotel.  Four nights of bunking with four fun girls!  {If only Jeanie and Lizzie...}

Came back to our sweet little hillbilly junction at 910 Pickwick...feeling really inspired and refreshed and lucky! I'll be uploading some other inspirations soon too...Oh, and I didn't even mention Bergdorfs yet!

Also, I hope to share some exciting news soon.  {Fingers crossed!}

Hope you all had a wonderful week, and I have to say, it's so good to be back home! I DO love home, sweet home. 


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