Tuesday, November 24, 2009

A Mona Lisa Inspired Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving. I'm looking forward to a slower pace to do the following...{and I hope you can do the same}

Spend time with my family, learn from others, share new ideas, enjoy some good, farm-fresh food, the outdoors, And...reflect on where my seeds have been sown.

I'll be sharing the table and trimmings on tomorrow's post, but here is...

The Mona Lisa Thanksgiving Inspiration:
The common thread weaving thru my inspiration board for the Thanksgiving table, started with a humble painting from the Renaissance period. I wanted to echo the Slow-Drying painterly method used during that period; the richness of autumnal tones, texture, and drama... plus the time piece of getting back to our "roots". Sustainability. Each image speaks of our day of harvest... in ways that just make beautiful sense.

A BIG Thank you to the local farmers, artists, and creative thinkers involved in all of the inspiration for the very first Well-Fed Feast project with the Well Fed Neighborhood Alliance.

A delish and exciting post for tomorrow!

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