Monday, August 24, 2009

I remember reading a headline today that said "multi-taskers are usually bad at multi-tasking".

Here are a just a few things I should work at getting better at while I'm working:
Lets just start with how the t.p. that is never on it's dowel rod. It's usually almost always spent, and then tilt-ily and skillfully laid upon the rack. Percentage of time I see it on the floor the next time I go the bathroom is usually 99%. I then skillfully and unmindfully place it back up on the dowel rod as if that's the proper place it's supposed to be. I think I waste a lot of time on that task.

The paint lid is never fully closed all the (proper) way either. One side usually gets pinched down and the other stays up. Syl found a can once and it ended up being her very "first oil-painting". Any other can that hasn't been closed properly usually hardens and dries out just as I go to find it to use on a project.
My back is one big slant shape from the ground up...scooping baby Syl up...therefore I don't always see what's in front of me so I hit my head hard on walls and ladders around home and town.

Other multi-taskers I've questioned lately besides myself: (sorry, I have to make me feel better)
The exit employees at a wholesale club who put a slash mark through your receipt as you exit with a cart full of food. Their job is to make sure you are not walking out of the store with more items than purchased. I usually have 501 things. I don't know if they pay attention to their job all the time. Maybe they are good counters though...I guess they could be just like Dustin Hoffman's character from Rain Man--the genius with numbers.

...Babbles I know.

We had a great weekend. I had great help from the kids, Will, and Beatrice. Will cooked some great meals, as always. My Louis Henry turned 14. I had a solid show at the Met Bride show. (Three brides have called since yesterday!)

School starts tomorrow...which makes multi-tasking go into over-time if you ask me. The multi-tasking doesn't end at five pm anymore. Loading Zone for sure! You'll be seeing a lot of my sister's (Julie Blackmon and my other creative sisters) work on here.

I need to go take a picture of the's a new project I'm working on...Ta-ta summer!

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