Thursday, August 13, 2009

DIY home project/window installation idea

I like to head over to Thrift Haven flea market to do my quick weekly run-throughs. When searching there, I usually go with a specific item in mind, but I always keep my eyes peeled for deals.

So--I'm working on a window installation that needs a few re-purposed "wow" factor elements from a flea market (much like the anthro windows that jaw-drop me every time with their innovative up-cycling). So, when looking for items to repurpose...I like to spend as little as possible. Like dirt, dirt cheap.

The window I'm working on right now has the backdrop finished so far. I hand-painted some fun mushrooms onto a big board...and what I'd like to do is add some elements that hint at the whole mushroom thing.

I'll lead you step by step thru to my window install...but here's what I went searching for at the flea market: anything that resembled the shape of a mushroom. I concluded: lamps

I found a pair of "ugh" lamps for $2 each. I then bought two cans of red rustoleum spray paint @ $4.25 each, pressed the can button and "voila, my dears". So easy. So, these red lamps will now be the base for what's to become mushrooms to hang in the window install. Can you visualize it?

But, before the lamps get their big yellow mushroom spots, though, I thought I'd highlight these lamps as a simple do-it-yourself home project.

This is a simple idea that anyone can do! I hope you like!!


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