Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Happy + Thankful

Below {at bottom} is the first and only professional photo I've shared of a kitchen I designed and personally oversaw with Pickwick House {my business} as the established renovation company.  I saw this project thru a complete whole home renovation that took the better part of a year.  For those of you who know and follow my work, you know that this was also 'my baby' along with the 'babies' {kids}.

I could recount in my sleep every decision, 3 hour meeting, measurement, source, appliance selection, vendor, color, finish, style, glider weight, lighting source, redo, complication, regret I had {and still had up until as of last week} over the work put into this as well as the rest of the house.  I have a design binder for the number of countless options and sketches I drew up for what was to be our family's 'forever' home.  It was a house I lived in with my five children for close to five months until as of recent.  

The 'forever' part didn't happen there, but I am counting my blessings here on the blog anyway.   Especially my children and that I didn't sell our long time Rountree home.   That is a truly happy thing.

I can tell you I am now doing really well...and YET, God is not done with me yet.   

I'm so excited for where my work will take me next and am happy to report that the following ad is taking on!  Thank you, Thank you!

I will leave you with what mom instilled in us.  She lived and breathed most all of these values {and plenty more} in her tightly run household of nine kids {my siblings who are a continual source of creative and entrepreneurial inspiration}.  I currently have this phrase written on our home's wall and hope that my kids will see these words as a call to daily action.  Everything except the 'LOUD part'.    Yelling is for house fires, in my opinion.

{Disclaimer for the rights to this image below:  Photos I share of my design work are copyrighted to Sharon Taylor Designs/Pickwick House. LLC.  The photography is by Heather Cherie Photography a and ownership was granted for printing and advertising purposes in spring of 2013}

I still have a special announcement to come for small business Saturday and Pickwick House.  Check in soon.

Happy Thanksgiving Prepping and Nesting in your kitchens!


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