Saturday, January 10, 2015


                                              GOOD SATURDAY MORNING TO YOU!

                                    Long Time No Write.  Lots has happened and is happening. 

                                  Today is a day of Celebration!

               1.  Celebrating website re-launch!  Go to
                               2.  Capping off Five Year Chapter in brick and mortar.
                                                  3.  Pickwick House is moving!

                I invite you to celebrate in the launch and a new direction that is very exciting!
                          {{MORE DETAILS COMING SOONISH}}

But First...

For the Celebration...Three special gifts will be given. Check out the new site and take a quick sec to please share a comment on instagram or facebook by tagging, hashtagging #sharontaylordesigns #Pickwickhouse #liveloveheelsandcolorwheels.  The website has a "FOLLOW" category.  Click on it, it and will take you to the social media outlets.  Thank you in advance!  I will announce the winners on Monday.

Its been a fantastic five years in my brick and mortar, Pickwick House.  A disheveled, historic unpolished-gem-of-a-baby that I had the pleasure and privilege of gutting and renovating just a few short blocks from my current home and the street I grew up on. 

Pickwick House has been really, really, really good to me!  WHY?  Because of YOU fantastic people that came thru my doors and into my life.  Amazing people.  Amazing community.  And the most charming neighborhood market in Rountree Neighborhood. 

                                           Stay Tuned for my future Pickwick House plans!

               MUCH, MUCH LOVE FROM PICKWICK HOUSE and Sharon Taylor Designs!


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