Monday, April 8, 2013


MOVING has begun!  Last week we shuffled a bunch of files from my studio office to the home office, so at the moment, all of my necessities are in three different locations.  {Luckily within a two mile radius and luckily the weather is cooperating charmingly swell-like.}  

I could go on and on about all the things in limbo on the home front at the moment, but will keep it simple and just say...moving can get very ugly.  Currently, AT&T is giving us a run for our money and we still have no wireless connection after calling all of our techie friends and countless hours on the phone with technical support.  I would love to hire someone to specifically make the ever-dreaded and lengthy, elevator-ish-musical calls to AT&T! 

All this to say, I will not be posting as regularly, but will give you something to tide you over with some really awesome guest posts on occasion from designer friends of mine.    The first one will post tomorrow!

Stay tuned and Happy Spring, my friends!  {Picture above is from a photo shoot last year with some of my favorite things:  baby in stripes + teak + chunky crystal rocks + midcentury cubist chairs + zebra print + elephant ears}  I cannot wait to share our new home with you.

Thanks again, for stopping in.   We sure do love and appreciate all your support!!


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